Real range?

Hi guys and girls,

What real range are you getting?

I drive to work 16 miles, 16 miles return, so 32 a day, always the same route.

At the moment, it is colder, so the heating is set to 1, I pre-heat the car, 10 minutes before going out.

I’ve turned off the constant polling thing from Evezy and that improved by battery somewhat.

Prior to getting the car, I thought I would be able to charge the car once a week, with the real range being about 220 and my commute being 160.

I am finding that the car needs charging twice a week, which I am not sure about.

I thought if the real range is 220, with it being winter, cold, slower traffic, so let’s say 180 per charge, but I am not even close to that.

My car was charged to 90% on Sunday night, by Tuesday evening, when I got home, I had 12% left. I charged it to 86% and this morning I got to work with 11% left.

To be fair, I have had Sentry turned on for the last 3 weeks, but now I have turned it off, just in case.

How are you finding yours?

Hi @cava83

I am currently getting about 165 miles range, with pre-heating plugged in one end of my commute only.

Sentry mode off.
EVEZY set to sleep mode.
Charged to 90%.

Its the start of the journey that eats the power heating up and warming the battery until full regen is capable.

On a longer run with only one cold start, driving economically, i can easily get 190+ miles.

The thing with range is, i find we talk about the ultimate range, but no one wants to run the battery to say 5% or even close to empty, so its kind of irrelevant.

I charge every day, its battery for the battery to not deep cycle.


Thank you for your reply. That is pretty much kind of inline with mine, within reason.

Do you charge from home?


Hi Gabi,

Yes i charge from home. Total cost for last month was £29.20 for all charging. Typically doing 1100 miles per month.

There is a 50kW charger in my village and its included in the subscription, but for £1 per day average, its not worth sitting in the car park every other day for hours…

7kW home charger is brilliant with octopus agile tariff. (Sometimes i get paid to charge the car).

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my experience is in line with the OP - daily commute of 13 miles each way.

I could do 4 maybe 4.5 days on a charge in September, now im lucky to get 3.

How are you working out your charge costs, through the charger?

I had an extra £297 electricity bill this month, they are suggesting it’s the car (another dilema)

I don’t have a full installation, so it’s a slow charge.

Fun and games :slight_smile:

i have a logger from these guys. Its excellent. Requires some DIY ambition.

It tracks octopus agile prices (i am on their variable tariff). This is the last months usage log. Averaging 6.7p/kWh vs 15p on previous tariff.

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And here is last 24 hours. :+1: Charging at lowest price!

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jbmodel3 Good to see Agile is working for you. Switched a couple of weeks ago and just waiting for newer smart meter installation, then we should be good to go, ready for M3P when it arrives. Have a Powerwall2 just fitted along with Zappi, so should all work seamlessly with our solar too.

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