Rapid Charger Etiquette

So just turned up at rapid chargers with about 5% battery on our way to the airport and there is a guy sat here at 96%. Waited around 5 minutes to see if he decided to leave but nothing. Didn’t even acknowledge me so I went in the garage to get a drink and came back out and started a general conversation with him about electric cars. Asked him how long he’d be and he said about another 20 minutes. By this point he’s on 97%. I said that there’s probably no point hanging around 20 mins for 3% when you can charge much quicker when you need to top up again. He said he wasn’t bothered because he needed to get to the other side of Manchester. Is it just me or is that dreadful etiquette? I’d never be so selfish.


No it’s just bad form, but unfortunately there are many that will hog rapids when there is no need and they wait mega time and block others.

One of the reasons there need to be changes to the mindset of legacy drivers that switch to EV.
Many more rapids will of course help too, so try and plan around those with 4 or more rapids.

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I almost feel like the the rapids should cut off at like 85% to prevent stuff like this from happening. I mean it makes sense from the providers point of view too… The charger could be generating more cash pumping out KWs at the rapid rate than trickling up to 100% for some selfish sod who clearly has nothing better to do than waste their own and everyone else’s time :smiley:

Or do what Stirling Council do with their ChargePlace Scotland rapid chargers 50kw.
Maximum stay 40min with a £1 a minute overstay charge
This is my local one now


I was returning from Manchester last night and saw stopped at Ionity Cobham to do a final top up before getting back home in South London. I reached there with 8% and plugged it in. Went and used the restroom and came back and saw an Addison Lee ID4 pull up and connect on 95% SoC. I stayed there for about half an hour to charge and this guy stayed there all that time to get him car to 100%. It was close to midnight and the chargers were all free but I got a feeling that he would have done the same even if it was peak times.


I wouldn’t even consider charging any car at 95% on a rapid. Totally pointless.

I’ve just plugged the Ioniq5 into our charger (as already filled up the Zoe) to soak up some free solar energy and that’s at 80%, but wouldn’t normally bother, but it’s very sunny at present.


Absolutely dreadful stuff! There definitely needs to be more widespread education around charging curves. The problem is only likely to get worse…

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Unfortunately, I see this all the time as well.

I charge in White City, London every Wednesday, and I see a bunch of people sat there up to 100%. Always the same people as well, and never budge even if there is a queue.

When I turn up they are charging and I still plug in, charge, and leave before they do.


I think max I’ve done is 90% before trips. But even then most of the time I’m like I’ll just charge on the way, after 3hrs of driving I do want a 15 to 20 mins break.

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Assuming the ID.4 in question had a usable 77kWh battery, and was getting 3mpkWh, it had only travelled 12 miles from 100% to 95%. Trying to think of a credible explanation for this behaviour !


It is bad. I’d never charge above 90% on a rapid charger and even that’s rare, I’d average 80-85% before leaving.

Also I feel if a car is plugged in but not charging it should be fine to unplug them and plug your car in

I think the issue is people assume rapids are for charging to 100%, likewise I find a lot of people moaning about 7/11/22kW chargers taking several hours to charge them up to 100% - that’s not what they’re for!!!

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Yeah I think those are the ones on their fleet. I don’t see any reasonable justification for it either.

Here is the picture of the ID4. Bad parking on my side for my MG but that’s the only way I can connect without the cables being extremely tight.

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Am I the only person who accidentally overcharges?

I did it several times on my Six Corners tour. Messed up my Volt and Bolt several times because I was trying to get to next stop on 10% :man_shrugging:t2:

But then yesterday I arrived (4 x InstaaaVolts, Antelope Retail Park nr Soton) on 20% and started my work meeting. Sometime later I think …”ooo…car!”…

Turned on the app to see ….99%! :scream:

By the time I got to the car it was 100% and 313 on the GOM :man_shrugging:t2:

Not a demand on the 4 units at that time of day