Quick question, got larger than expected pre-auth on card?

Morning all.

I’ve got the VW ID.3 Family Pro Performance at present, with a thousand miles on top. (I’ve only done four hundred this month but wanted to build up a buffer as I did almost two thousand the first month I started.)

I’m on protected pricing until August so that should be £589 for the car and £170 for the additional mileage which is £759. I got a pre-auth this morning for £929 which is £170 above what I was expecting.

Have I missed something? I’m fairly sure I’ve already paid for the last months mileage add-on but I’m just about to check. Whatever it is I know it’ll either resolve itself or I’ll work out what it is/was. Just wondered if it’s something I’m getting wrong in my head or if it’s something others have experienced.

Thank you!

You’ll have ticked the auto renew mileage pack option so it takes last months and the next months mileage pack in one go.

If you cancel the renewal (You can now do this in the app), the £170 will refund when the payment is taken in 7 days time


@Spud101 - @Kev beat me to it but that’s essentially what you’re most likely seeing. Please feel free to grab hold of our CS Team if you need any assistance or clarity with this :wink:


By golly I think you’re right! :joy:

Oddly enough, I actually thought that that was taken at the time of request back whenever the car was swapped. I do still want it as I’d like a couple of thousand miles in ‘reserve’ as it were so it’s all good!

I knew it was more than likely something to do with my having forgotten something, thanks!