Queue position within 'My Account'

Although it will be very exciting waiting for the ‘you are in queue position x’ each month, wouldn’t be easy to implement each members queue position within ‘My Account’, you guys have clever developers there, I know where I work it would take a developer one day to implement a feature like this.

Then we can check ourselves and you would stop all those ‘please tell me my queue position’ emails that you must be sick of getting each day.


This has been suggested by several subscribers and if I remember taken on board. Not sure what priority it has in amongst all the many other things to improve.

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Yes, great idea.
I have the Evezy app and it doesn’t even show that I’m waiting.

I was 61 last Monday, today a whole week on I’ve only moved up 4 places :scream_cat:

My last update was on the 24th Jan so I am expecting an update any time now, hopefully I have moved a few spaces since then.

Ian, as a developer, I can tell you that it is more than a day’s work to get this into production, even if the data already exists…

I didn’t say into production, but into a non prod system for testing, I know any of our guys here could query a spreadsheet or DB and pull out the relevant info to be presented on a page, I haven’t developed for many years but I am sure I could knock it up 2 or 3 days.


Oh yeah no doubt. It’s QA that takes time.

Hi @Ian , thanks for sharing your suggestions on ways that we can improve the waiting list! We have shared this feedback with our tech team.