Questions about the mileage policy

Hi, I am just wondering if someone can let me know if any unused miles are lost or they are carried forward to the next month? Thank you amazing people.


Hi, it is carried over to the next month. But its only valid for 12 months. After that you will lose any carried over mileage.


As @Pranjal said, one further note is the cars are in tiers so if you plan on swapping your carried over miles are only valid for the current tier you are in, so if you carry over 2000 miles in a Zoe but then swap to a Tesla you’ll not be able to use these on the Tesla.


…however, if you swapped back to the Zoe (or another car in the same tier) within 12 months, I believe l you’d get the use of your saved miles back again.


I’ve had a question about the milage carry forward. I understand they expire after 12 months, but is there a monthly limit regarding how many can be used?

I expect to build up a healthy credit between now and the summer, and I’m hoping to (finally!) take the car to Europe for a long trip (probably 3,000 miles in 3 weeks, if possible). Call me crazy, but that’s how much I’ve gotten to love the little e208!


I don’t think there is a limit.

However, I did a Scotland trip in December and overall in that month we did about 2100 miles. This was all built up from previous months. I did call ONTO before planning the trip and got them to confirm that it’s fine for me to do that. They told me that it’s perfectly fine to do that. They just had to put my carried over mileage to my current months subscription. Nothing seemed to have changed on my side but they said that allows them to see that you have used your mileage and not gone over the 1000 pre set for the month.

We are now saving up our mileage and use it for another trip to Cornwall later in the year and possibly a Europe trip.


@Edd_L no minimum usage limit for miles - whatever isn’t used from the 1000 mile allocation rolls over for 12 months (each month). It takes into account any unused miles from the pervious subscription period first also.

Hope that helps :wink:


I have just come across this issue on my account, as I’ve just reached 12 months at the same tier (for the first time).

I have built up a fairly significant mileage credit balance:

Unused Mileage Credits
4392 miles

By my maths 4392 miles is just over 4 months of mileage credits (at the protected rates). But my account dashboard also says:

336 credits expiring

When I asked customer services via online chat I was told that mileage credits are used on a “last in, first out” basis. In other words, if you go over your 1000 miles (or soon to be 750 miles) in any given month then credits from the most recent previous month are used first, before working backwards chronologically.

I had thought the high credit balance would cushion me when the monthly mileage allowance decreases in August, but it seems that unless I suddenly go on a 4000 mile road trip I’ll probably never be able to use the oldest mileage credits in my account.

I had clearly misunderstood how mileage credits work.

Just adding to my own post the realisation that, if you don’t want to lose mileage credits, you need to reduce your mileage credit balance to zero at least once every 12 months from the point you first start accumulating a mileage credit balance.

Continuing my conversation with myself (sorry!) I found the following on an Onto blog:

What happens to unused miles?

Both unused miles from your 750 miles monthly allowance, and unused miles from any packages you purchase will be added to your account as mileage credit. You can use mileage credit on any future subscription months you take out, but please keep in mind that mileage credits will expire one year after they have been applied to your account. All this will be reflected on your account as well as on your Onto app.

If you have mileage credit from previous months, you will see that your monthly subscription starts with more than 750 miles. If you have purchased any mileage packages, these additional miles are reflected within your total miles available.

Might I suggest, @Raheel_at_Onto, that you amend this sentence:

If you exceed your monthly mileage allowance in a given month, you can use mileage credit on any future subscription months you take out. Mileage credit is used starting from the most recent previous month first and please keep in mind that mileage credits will expire one year after they have been applied to your account.”

EDIT: It seems from subsequent posts about the algorithm for using rolled-over mileage credits that my suggestion above is not quite right. Either way, it would still be very helpful to clarify in what order mileage credits are used.


I seem to remember that @Grandadgeorgec discovered this anomaly. IIRC, the most recent month’s credit is used first, then the oldest which would expire the next month. Have I got that correct?


If that’s true, that’s even more obscure!

I believe so.

so if it was credit as below
Jan 100, Feb 300, Mar 0, Apr 400, May 200

then you would use the May 200miles first, then later on it would be the Apr 400miles and so on, but within the calendar year. Very odd methodology for sure as everyone assumes it would use the oldest up first.


I believe @E7EV is referring to this post.

It was primarily about rewards points but at the end I enquired if this also related to mileage carry over. I don’t think it was specifically answered though.:older_man:

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I have been building up mileage and purchasing extra mileage packs over the last 12 months resulting in over 6000 miles of credit. The blog page does not say that the mileage is deducted in reverse order of being rolled over and neither does the hire agreement, in fact i can’t see this anywhere in the Ts and Cs at all.

I have been building up a credit as it is possible that my job could demand that my mileage changes from 800 miles one month to 3000 miles the next. I thought as long as I kept a large credit it would absorb the odd high mileage month, but it doesn’t look like this is going to work out for me for much longer.

Mileage credit lasts for 12 months. Logically then you can’t lose it until you’ve had it for a year. So the oldest credit has to go first, surely.

Each contract tells you how many miles will be expiring that month. If you have kept good records, could you go back and see if that matches your under mileage 12 months previously?


I had never had any reason not to assume that the oldest credit would get used up before the newest credit until I read this thread.

For example, lets assume that i have had my subscription for a year and normally use all my miles every month, except my account says that 11 months ago i had 500 miles that were not used, and 10 months ago another 700 unused.

If I were use 1200 miles this month, then i would expect the roll over mileage from 10 and 11 months ago to be allocated to this, and the 1000 miles allowance for this month to be added to my account as a credit which would last another 12 months, but it seems from the info supplied in this thread that this is not the case and that my 1000 miles for this month will be used first, then 200 miles from 10 months ago, and then within a couple of months I have lost the other 1000 miles that I thought would be carried forward for another year…

@Raheel_at_Onto Could someone from Onto clarify how this works? In what order are rolled-over miles used? Is it reverse chronological (ie most recent first?) Or previous month and then chronological from oldest first?

It’s really unclear and confusing.


Gently bumping this up and tagging @Adam_at_Onto and @Carol in the hope you can help.

Hi @sdmr & everyone else also.

Mileage credit is used in reverse chronological order - so newest first. It’s something that is being reviewed but at the moment, that’s how the system works.

So any unused credits will only stay on the account for 12 months, but the newest applied credit will get used up first.