Puncture query

Hi just need to ask for some help.

I have puncture and the tire is completely flat. Called onto for help to recover the vehicle. But the recovery would have been over 4 hours, so I too a taxi home.

Booked the car in yesterday ( which is still by my sisters address). They were unable to get someone out to me to repair the tyre. I’ve called non stop today and have been told the tire is out of stock and tyreline will try independent companies. After servers calls still no luck and I have been now told someone will call me tomorrow with an update but there is no guarantee it will be repaired.

This means I have now been without a car for 2days tomorrow will make it 3.

Each time I have had to call to chase what is happening as no one gets back to me even when promised to do so.

I want to know where I stand because from my understanding is it not possible for me to find a company who can repair or replace the tyre?

As I looked at Halfords and they have a mobile service and could have already repaired the car.

Just a little frustrated because I’ve been stuck for the last 2 days and all the plans with the children I’ve had to cancel.

If someone could help it would be much appreciated as I’m worried this will continue over the weekend.

Best to flag @Adam_at_Onto for one of his team to see if there is a quicker solution.
However if the tyre is out of stock it’s unlikely any outlet has a replacement.
What is the car make/model and what is the make/model/size of tyre that needs replacement?

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Keep receipts of all additional travel costs, and as long as they are reasonable, ONTO will reimburse you. Hopefully the correct tyre will be sourced and fitted asap.

Funnily enough, I was just watching a video on YouTube showing how Citroens fitted with hydropneumatique suspension could drive quite happily on three wheels. A high speed blowout posed no danger.


Hi Thanks for the help. It is the Vauxhall Mokka and a continental tyre. I believe it was a 17inch

I will do thanks for the advice.

Odd you should comment on that.
Had a number of Citroens over the years and in a Xantia had both near side tyres taken out by a long washed out section of tarmac because driver going other way was in the middle of road and I had to avoid the numptie one dark winters evening.
At the time I didn’t really notice anything and continued for at least half a mile before realising it wasn’t quite right :blush:

I replaced the front wheel with the spare (remember those) and slowly drove the remaining 17miles home as it was late on a Friday night and got everything replaced the following morning.
Even with a flat rear it handled really well.

If I remember correctly it was just Citroen and Rolls-Royce /Bentley that used the system and it was a magic carpet ride for sure.


They will be 215/60 R 17 as per Onto web spec details and looks like Continental tyres are available, but not sure what model/type you have fitted as needs to be the same.

Trust it gets resolved asap.

I believe RR paid Citroen to use their system.

My grandfather had a couple of DSs, and my father had two GSs, a CX and a BX so I’m familiar with the magic carpet ride! Although when young, I used to get car sick in the DSs.

I don’t know why manufacturers dropped the spare wheel (and even the space saver). Cost and space obviously come into it. It’s probably more complicated to change wheels these days, what with locking wheel nuts etc. And can be dangerous to do on the side of the road, especially when it’s on the off side. But with the AA and RAC stretched to the limit, and long wait times, it must be frustrating not to be able to take matters into your own hands. Roll on the launch of airless tyres.


Still a few years away yet, but will make a huge difference to travel safety.
And for anyone not seen these, see the link below

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Hi someone called me back 5 minutes ago and what they are saying is they can get a tyre ordered today but It would possibly be fitted on Monday evening or Tuesday.

I’ve ask what am I supposed to do without a car for so long and she has said I need to call back the onto’s main line and speak to some.

When you ring, choose the option (think it’s the first one) to talk to someone about your account. Alternatively, try WebChat accessible from their website.

Definitely do this now and see if anything can be arranged, even if it’s just covering the cost of taxis etc. so you can be mobile and carry on with your planned travels.

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Hi just spoke to Naz

I’m not happy with the repose to be honest. Basically there is nothing that can be done to help me and I’ve been told to send receipts of anything I spend on travel and I will get a credit adjustment.

But tbh I have not had the best service since I have been using onto over the last year and I feel this is the final straw so I will definitely be leaving at this point.

Thank you for your help. It is really appreciated.


That’s a real shame that something so simple as a puncture and the lack of timely replacement is ending your time with Onto. Do trust you will continue with an EV for all your travels.

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