Pug badge peeling

Noticed today a couple of the green tinted badges are peeling on the e-208. Guess it’s to do with the sun lately being quite warm as only affecting the back left corner (rear passenger panel and boot logo).

Should I arrange for a repair or badge replacement via onto? Sure I seen something before about another car having same issue.

Thanks! :+1:

You’re best to send the photos and report it directly to Onto and let them decide what they want to do with it. Even if they decide not to bother at least you’ve documented it with them.


Agree with @seabass. If you could use the damage option in the app and take some pictures this will route to our Damage team for review. Thanks Adam


Thanks! will add it to the app damage report. :+1:

I would say that this is a manufacturing defect rather than damage. It should be put right under warranty. This was a big issue with early Zoes. Similarly the blue film was peeing off the badges. Renault would always repair/replace as it wasn’t caused by the vehicle owner. Hopefully Peugeot will do the same. Must go and have a closer look at mine.


It is a warranty issue. I’ve seen this over of the pug forum groups and the badges was replaced under warranty


I had the same problem when I had the e-208…


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Thanks for all the info! I’ve reported the “damage.”

Just wanted to say it looks like I’ve just been for a car wash in the pic! - I stay in Glasgow - you can see the clouds in the reflection. :joy::joy::sweat_smile:

Did you return it before resolution?

Yes, I swapped for an ID3 Family.

ONTO Customer Service has always been abysmal for me. I tend to just swap the car the moment an issue arises, no matter how small. Paying the swap fee is preferable to having to deal with ONTO.

I always let them know about the issues before the swap. I’d hope they fix them before sending out to another customer, but I very much doubt it.

Sounds like the best idea. I got the 208 new though and have had it over a year so would rather keep hold of it for now.

Unless onto come up with a new fix where you send your car back for assessment and get it re-delivered - I’ll hang on.to it. :joy::+1:

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Would you be able to explain why my car jumped forward the other day after I braked? Had the foot on the brake as I stopped to give way to someone on a narrow street. For an instant the car ignored my brake pedal and sped up! I was just thinking if I had been on a faster road it could have been dangerous. Thankfully I pushed the brake again and it worked. Making sure I leave a space between cars now at lights. :sweat_smile:

The car was just serviced.

Hopefully a one off blip. I’ve never experienced this in my e-208. Did it use the regen braking first or go straight to friction?

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You mean set on the speed limiter or cruise control?

thanks for doing that @NickyOH. I checked with our Head of Damages and he will check if this is a PSA issue overall.

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