Providing the keycard - is there a reason why not?

Seen posts from people having glitches where the evezy app wouldn’t work and they couldn’t get into their car. Not too common but it happening at all is far from ideal.

Just wondering what the reason would be for not being able to provide the key card? Even if the customer bought one themselves?

I’m assuming it’s that you’re aiming for seamless customer to customer return and collection but surely evezy staff check cars between customers having them and could easily unpair any keys.

Would love to know the answer and if it’s possible as I’d happily buy a key card for piece of mind as it’s a regular occurrence I end the day with a flat iPhone battery so that would mean me getting stuck!!


I have a keycard.

I use the app mostly, but also the keycard around 40% of the time.

I think some of the other cars, no keycard is provided.

Not sure if I received a keycard because I was one of the first ones, or I was lucky, or they don’t provide it now though.

They initially provided keycards as the Tesla didn’t have Bluetooth hardware for unlocking.

Later batches came with this hardware, so we have to suffer the app and are supposed to accept occasionally being locked out of our cars as the norm.

Rob the CEO said:

Handsfree unlock - we currently have a new feature in R&D which would allow your vehicle to unlock automatically when you walk up to it, without getting your phone out of your pocket.”

I think this would be the ideal solution for evezy subscribers. Tesla owners use the Tesla phone app to lock/unlock their vehicles rather than the Key Card.

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Yes that will help albeit there’s lots of scenarios and reasons why I’d like the key card

1 - to then be able to buy the physical key so I can open trunk and from my pocket without having to mess with my phone

2 - to never worry about my phone running out of charge

3 - when I go on holiday and park with airport parking that needs me to leave the keys with them, no idea how I’m going to solve that right now with my evezy m3.

So @Rob_Evezy any chance you can let us know the reasoning behind not providing the key cards?

I’m a techy at heart and all for giving options like keyless with the app etc just keen to understand whether that cannot be as well as the key card instead of the only option.

I’d happily pay an extra £100 one off for the key card to cover the 2 minutes of extra time at changeover when I return the car in the long long long distant future!! :slight_smile:

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This would be resolved with the handsfree entry being developed.

How often does this happen? :wink:
I left my phone in the car once and it auto locked. My father was with me so I downloaded the evezy app onto his phone and signed into my account. Problem sorted!

I’m guessing it’s something to do with their insurance policy.
I too would happily pay a one off fee to have the real key with the car

All too often! Between workouts, tethering a LOT through my phone and travelling it’s an all too regular occurrence even with trying to always plugin.

That said I keep a battery pack with me so I have backup just one of those things I’d rather not have to think about!

High tech isn’t always best… unless it’s a Tesla :slight_smile:

And not sure the hands free open would help with trunk and frunk would it?

Good to see you on here @E7EV just so long as I don’t get your car lol I want white tho so fingers crossed!!!


What would you have done if he wasn’t there and or, you had no phone reception too? :slight_smile:

I’d have asked a passerby to ring evezy for me and get them to unlock it! Where there’s a will there’s a way :wink:

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Hi @Noel unfortunately at this point it is not possible for us to give keycards given our business model. This is also for security purposes, as well as being able to provide more flexibility. However, we have taken a note in case it becomes possible at some point in the future!

Hi @Lily_at_Evezy
Thanks for replying! Is there any more info behind that available, curious as to what it is about the business model that prevents it?!

This is because we allow car swaps, pick ups and returns and by not providing a keycard we can give members more flexibility to do this!


Thanks @Jason. Done!

Hi Lily,

appreciate what you are saying, however you provide polar cards in the cars - no reason why we couldnt put the card back in the glove box when returning and lock with app.

Im getting increasingly frustrated with the bluetooth app on the model 3 refusing to connect.

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Hi @mysterygti, unfortunately that’s not possible for security reasons. If people knew the keys were inside the vehicles at our swap points, they could be a target for easy theft.

However, I’ve raised a ticket with our customer service team who will follow up with you ASAP to ensure you don’t experience any issues connecting to your car - the Bluetooth connection should be instantaneous.


That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. It’s either a car club or a long term car rental. I see the frustration as I too have had issues with the Bluetooth suddenly not working where I have to stand like an idiot clearing my cachet and all that ridiculousness. Not giving a key is a health and safety issue as you are locked out your car. What if I’m in a derelict area with a dead phone. There’s so many things that can happen when relying on a app. Also you lose out on keyless entry which helps when you have your hands full. I can name so many things. Hopefully this can be looked at and improved. Probably the only thing about Onto that let’s the business down in terms of the cars.

I’m guessing you knew the ONTO service didn’t include a physical key when you signed up?

ONTO are very open about what the service does and does not include and it’s up to you to decide if the overall offering meets your needs.

If the keyless aspect of the service isn’t suitable for you then simply go elsewhere.


Since this thread has been revived… I will add this

All Hertz 24/7 rental vans have keys in them, you need to unlock it with the app or with a pin, that then unlocks the immobiliser and then the key will work as normal.

Without the app/pin etc. the key can be obtained by breaking the window, but the vehicle will not start.

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