Protected price for swaps

Received the email today about protecting the old prices for 5 months if we swap our cars which is good news as I was about to arrange a swap before the price hikes.

It doesn’t mention mileage at all. Since it’s honouring the old packages, does that including keeping the mileage allowance at 1,000 if you swap?


@Matt_travels It includes 1000 miles as well.


Brilliant! Thanks for clarifying.


Swap booked & email sent :+1:


Wait, so are the prices only kept until August?

I wanted to go from DS3 to Kona, but if that’s going to like 700 or whatever it is from August there’s not much point

So unfortunate I sent my car back a couple of weeks or so before the price hike. I might have stayed if I could be grandfathered even if I wasn’t using it as much as I should to justify the cost. Not sure how I can find a way back in now.

You can swap into a Kona Premium @ 559 or Ultimate @ 589 until Aug but then it goes to 609 & 639 respectively (protected prices below) so you can enjoy a Kona at the cheaper price for a few months yet, might as well and there’s a well looked after surfy blue one going back on 22nd :wink:.


Ah, my current rental runs out on the 21st and I just renewed it. And my son said if I change my car i need to choose blue as it’s his favourite colour lol. 639 after August is steep though, and I pay £20 extra for the £350 excess, saying that though, £589 for the DS 3 I have now really isn’t worth it, I may just bite the bullet and go for the Kona. Would be good for summer though as I’m aiming to drive from the NW to London.

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My Kona is very blue!


@BlackDave I just changed from a kona to a C4 a month ago and it was a big mistake. The kona is great. Good range, an app that actually works too. As for the insurance, look at a car hire excess reduction policy. I have an annual policy which reduces my excess to £100 and only costs me £46 a year.

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@Matt_travels big mistake because of the range?

Yeah e-C4 during winter barely does 120 miles. Kona on the other hand can comfortably do 250 miles even during winter. Thats why, otherwise e-C4 is a great car, its got all the toys that you would need.


The Kona is a great car.

I just wish it was a little longer for rear seat and boot space.

It does ‘bing and bong’ with a little front wheel spin, but overall it’s a solid motor.


@tonton yes mostly just the range. I’ve also noticed that what you see on the screen of the kona regarding range is genuinely what you get, where with the eC4 it seems very unreliable as an indication of how far you can go. I did a 300 mile trip the other day in the eC4 and had to charge 3 times (one was just before I got to my destination) where as the kona would do that with just one short charge enroute.


Cheers. I just swapped the ioniq for the e-c4 but the ioniq was was only good for about 140ish miles anyways. Looks like the kona will be next after the e-c4.

If you could only get 140 miles out of an Ioniq you’re going to have a really bad time with the C4.

140/38=3.6 Miles per kWh. Most people can manage much greater than that in an Ioniq.

The Citroen is horribly inefficient. Let’s say you do half the efficiency in the new car and you’re looking at only 81 miles per charge.


I would agree with this. In my Kona I was getting 4.5/4.6 miles per KwH, in the eC4 all I seem to do is sit at Instavolts!


and if it’s a cold windy wet day it could be worse…

Oh gosh maybe I should cancel the swap


I think there is somewhere close to zero chance of getting 140 miles out of the e-c4, very much like the Peugeots (pretty much same battery/running gear) they are mega inefficient, the ioniq may only do 140 miles but you’ve got to remember its got a smaller battery, the weather has been pretty poor, it will get better as we come into better weather, as will the e-c4 but its expensive and won’t beat the ioniq.

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