Proof of hire / V5 copy

The local cities around me provide free green parking permits allowing you to use on-street car parking and council-owned car parks for free if you have a zero-emission vehicle, they almost always want proof of either a V5 or a letter from a lease company with the subscribers name, address and reg on.

It would be good if there was a pre-generated document in your account for this to save ONTO the administration of having to generate this, the only thing in my account I can see which may be vaugly useful is the hire agreement however this doesn’t display the car registration number just [TO BE ASSIGNED DD/MM/YY] which is no use.

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Your subsequent monthly hire agreement has the car’s Reg # on it (but yes I agree it should be reissued in month 1 once you’ve received delivery with the right details).

The letter Onto provide is pretty basic and easy for them to generate, the live chat team will be able to turn it around for you quickly :slight_smile:

They also send you a PDF of the DVLA Vehicle Information for the reg/VIN number in question which confirmed it as a zero emissions vehicle.

It would be cool if that was available to automatically download, but tbh there are more significant improvements to be made than this one.



That was quick, first response in 10 mins, the document required within ~20 mins of first request.


Yep I’ve had pretty great results through the chat function most of the time I’ve used it of late :slight_smile:


And you get a record of the chat transcript plus who you spoke with. :older_man:

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If it’s for Sheffield City Council, they still accepted the “TBA” hire agreement as the green-certification is on the VRM

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