Problem with First use of mobile App - cant see my details

Hi, I’ve just signed up with onto and have an account that I can access via a browser. When I log into the mobile app I can’t see any of my details. There is a message saying “just joined? select browse cars in the menu to make a new booking”…but there is no menu. Just a quick start video a subscription button and a support button. Any ideas?

Try the obvious things first.
What phone type iOS or Android and is it up to date.
Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Onto app and see if that changes anything.

You say you have just joined, but have you passed the approval process?
If not that may be why you can’t see any cars to book.

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That does sound strange @s38pl, have you signed into the app ? The car won’t show in your app till the day of delivery. Please reach out to CS by phone/chat if you are still having issues and we will help you problem solve the issue.

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