Private Reg

For long term customers we should be allowed to put private registrations on the cars and have a long term lease.

We don’t need the physical V5. We can do it all online. No fees to ONTO.

Just another suggestion.

I would personally love it.

Kind Regards


Don’t would work for insurance purposes as you would have to register car in your name

As above it wouldn’t work. Also remember that you may be a customer of Onto for a while, but you may not keep one specific car long term. Even if you don’t decide to swap cars, it isn’t unheard of for them to contact you and say they want to swap you into another vehicle (even if it is for an identical car) to clear out some of the older cars in the fleet for example. If that happpened you would either forefit the registration or give Onto the headache of trying to move things around to keep it for you, add it to fleet insurance etc.

Think of Onto as a long term car hire. That’s essentially what it is, and with very similar limitations too. No real modifications like that would be permitted since it isn’t your car, and the next person to hire would be expecting to receive it in it’s original state.


It could work, the insurance wouldn’t really be an issue as ONTO have an any vehicle any driver policy… but, as a rental, no other service would let you add a private reg, I really can’t see ONTO ever offering it

I think the insurance would have to be involved at some point, in order to add the VRM to the motor insurance database.

No, it’s no different to putting a plate on a lease car. You simply make ONTO the grantee like you would the lease company, done this with several company cars. It is probably more like ONTO cannot be bothered with the admin. I would love to see a long term subscription price with the benefit of putting a private plate on.

Why would they bother it’s a subscription company if you want to drive around in a private plate go and buy your own car, problem solved


It’s a monthly subscription. Even if you were happy to take the car for six months/ a year, and cover the private plate costs, Onto worried likely want to retain the right to end your subscription/ swap car/ discontinue that model whenever they wish. Then who pays dirt the admin?

Realistically, probably so few people who want a private plate, that is not worth the hassle.