Previous Evezy i3; Lots of footwell panels loose


Not a member or any connection with this car sharing system but I bought a 2nd hand 2019 BMW i3 with a sticker of Evezy on it

My question is was there any additional stuff installed when used in this Evezy scheme?
As I can see that there are panels in the footwell loose including lots of clips are missing and even broken off etc. So if there is any additional equipment installed used by Evezy who removed it? As it seems like Cowboys work IMHO

On this web site I can see that uses can unlock these cars by mobile phone’s so there must be some equipment being installed?

Next question if this is true is this installed nicely or just hacked into the existing wiring?


Yes there’s extra hardware but it will now be removed. There is power wiring for a dash cam and possibly a GPS module, as well as the main ‘box’ which transmits Bluetooth for users to lock and unlock by phone, and transmit driving data back to their server over the mobile network.

The hardware itself only connects to the car via the OBD port and the fuse box. Nothing else. The only issue is that they re-routed the OBD port and crammed all the hardware and wiring out of the sight and reach of end users. That does unfortunately mean that it’s common for panels to get clips snapped off, scratches or even things to be a little mid-shaped.

The car itself should drive absolutely fine and it should just be purely internal cosmetic damage. Minus possibly a bit of residual goo on the windshield from the camera there shouldn’t be anything left over now the car has been de-fleeted.


Hope you’re otherwise happy with your new purchase.

Evezy, or ONTO as it’s now called, installed a DashCam and hardware to allow locking/unlocking via Bluetooth. This hardware was usually connected to the OBD port, which is often in the footwell.

I don’t think that ONTO remove this themselves, so unfortunately looks like the third party company weren’t as careful as they should have been. Could you take it back and ask them to make good?


That name seems to ring a bell. Have you been active on any other EV related forums?

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Yep and on Twitter too

Driving EV since 2015

Thanks for this info and now it makes sense as even the OBD-II port is loose; hanging on the wires and yes I have booked it in for the seller to sort it out but if they are the same Cowboys who removed it I have no faith for a good repair…

I had a 60Ah i3 back in the 2015 for some time via Chargemaster so very familiar with the i3 we have next to the Model 3

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