Predictions for 2022

So the Ora Good Cat is on the way. Do you like it? Would you get one if it was offered by ONTO?

Here’s the chance to send your message. (My survey results are always on the agenda at the senior leadership team’s meetings). :wink:

  • ONTO should offer them and I would have one
  • ONTO should offer them although they’re not for me
  • ONTO shouldn’t add them to the fleet
  • The Good Cat will be offered sometime in 2022
  • The Good Cat won’t arrive until early 2023
  • ONTO won’t add them to the fleet at all

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How do you feel about wraps, films and coatings? Do they help keep vehicles clean and protect the bodywork? Do they give the opportunity to have vehicles in colours not offered by the manufacturers? Would you have a vehicle with advertising on it?

  • ONTO should offer some vehicles with ceramic coating at a small extra cost
  • ONTO should offer some vehicles with a self healing film at a small extra cost
  • ONTO should offer some vehicles with various coloured wraps at a small extra cost
  • ONTO should offer vehicles with advertising wraps at a reduced subscription
  • ONTO should supply all vehicles with the same corporate coloured wrap

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I was looking for the option of “no wraps” as I think it would complicate things. For example, if you were after a particular vehicle and the only one available was wrapped then you’d potentially be forced to pay extra for something you weren’t bothered about.


If I may make a bolder yet potentially not hugely likely prediction…

I wonder if Onto could potentially buy (one of their) competitors, especially if there’s a selection cars other companies have exclusivity on, and if customers are leaving Onto purely to get these cars (Polestar, MG etc).

It also expands their customer base and vehicle numbers somewhat.


Personally In 2022 I would like to have the ability to customise the contract with ONTO a little.

Some different mileage options

A choice to have the charge cards or not

Both should have an effect on the monthly cost. Not everyone does a 1000 miles a month and most want to charge at home or work which is one of the big convinces with EV’s and I am guessing why they teamed up with pod point.

ONTO value the charge cards at £60 (or at least in their break down of “free Charging”).

Plus maybe if you had a 500, 750 and 1000 mile option, (with the bolt on’s) they would serve a lot more people.

For example, if the VW eUP was available for £259 a month (£339- £60 ((charge cards)) - £20 ((less mileage))) with no charge cards and 500miles a month.

For example, if the Audi Q4 was available for £900 a month (£999 - £60 ((charge cards)) - £39 ((less mileage))) with no charge cards and 500miles a month it would be a lot more attractive to a lot of people.

It’s a nice idea in practice, but making the Charge Cards optional takes away from their “all inclusive” tagline.

Does it also make it more confusing with different tiers for different mileages? How would they work it out if you then went over your mileage? Say you did 1000 miles instead of 500 a month, how should they charge you - more than if you’d just gone for 1000 miles in the first place?

Elmo do split mileage tiers, and 800 miles is about £20 less than 1000 miles, so you’re really not going to be saving a lot - when you’re looking at a £1000 car, is saving £50 on 500 miles really enough to get you to subscribe to it? For me personally, no.

I’m really hoping onto introduce something new and fresh asap to shake things up. (Please please).

Currently out of an 18 car fleet the only car that’s consistently available is the massively over priced and under spec’d £1299 Audi etron. That’s very poor.

Go to a car dealership right now and find some cars for Onto to stock up with. You’ll find that dealers currently have almost zero inventory and are struggling to even get display models for their showroom. Try to place an order and depending on the brand you could actually be waiting more than a year now for a factory build slot.

If cars were actually available, Onto would have them. I recall seeing a post here recently that explained that 1 in 20 of all EVs being registered in the UK right now are going to Onto. They aren’t just sitting on their butts doing nothing. They want to expand and keep up with demand but things aren’t likely to improve anytime soon.

The fact that Onto can’t keep up with demand right now should make it clear to people considering price reductions that this isn’t going to happen. If anything there would be a price increase on the horizon with how unstable things are right now, not to mention the charging cost with energy prices still way up from where they should be.


I think you are trying to make a simple product complicated.

And you are starting to to turn OntO into a sort of Mobile Network with different bundles and tariffs… which can only lead to more problems with both OntO’s internal systems but also with the logistics partners, who will charge more for a white glove service

I think as well at the moment as @koda has pointed out cars are becoming harder and harder to get hold of
Go to a VAG Dealer and ask for an E(y)-Up or a Q4 and when it will be delivered and they will say August/September of this year at the earliest, if at all.

If you want custom plans some of OntO’s competitors offer them, but also charge more then OntO do.


There’s too many excuses, they could look at the range of manufacturers they work with. How they source vehicles eg pre configured, ex demo, extremely low mileage used evs. If there’s a shortage of new cars they should be flexible and dynamic. It’s a shame to have such a good ev subscription service but the only car available costs twice the price of a mortgage.

There is also a shortage of used and ex demo cars, as most used dealers have very little stock…

All manufacturers are in the same boat MG , All the VAG Brands, Nissan, Stellantis brands so where do you expect to get these cars from???

The chip shortage is likely to last from what I have been told directly is 2023, at the earliest and if TMSC go offline for any reason then we are all up the creek without a paddle.

There is a simple answer if you don’t like the pricing or range then look elsewhere as all subscription services are in the same boat…


Sorry but that’s just not practical. Buying used makes no sense at all because they’re buying one at a time which is a logistical nightmare not only for adding to the fleet but also removing it at the correct timing too. Not to mention higher prices

For a company like this to work they need to be making bulk fleet orders to streamline the process and get competitive pricing direct from the manufacturer.

They can work with other brands yes. But I’d bet that they’ve probably approached every auto manufacturer by now. If they aren’t carrying a specific brand at this point it’s likely because they couldn’t get the numbers to work, or they couldn’t supply enough cars.

They’re doing all they can really. Trust me. I’ve spent enough time doing similar behind the scenes work to Onto and know just how difficult the situation is right now. They’re not just fobbing you off. All I can suggest is keep trying and you will eventually find something else to swap to if you check regularly enough. Or to look for an alternative source for your car, at least for the time being.


@mozzauk @Koda you guys are like sworn defenders of onto haha. I love the flexibility of Onto’s subscription service, I’ve been with them for 6 months now, just got my 2500 reward points, however I’m waiting everyday like a kid on Christmas morning for them to drop a “the (insert name of car) has joined the onto fleet” article onto the forum. That would cheer me up a lot.

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It’s not my aim to be confrontational. And I have zero position of authority within Onto, nor do I even have a car from them right now. It’s just that I know what goes into an operation like this behind the scenes. I just try to get people like yourself to understand that there’s a lot more to it than first meets the eye, and there’s going to be people working very hard every day to source more cars for the fleet.

In my opinion they need a bit of appreciation for just how much they have done recently for Onto’s expansion, rather than saying they’re making up too many excuses and that it’s not good enough.


I’m not saying they’re making up excuses, just people are making them up for them. I think at a time like this they could potentially be less rigid and more adaptable and versatile with their solutions to overcome this sticky point in time.

They’re probably in a happy place though with 99% of their fleet on subscription.

We are like you just customers (except the guys with @ onto in the username).

I’m not defending them just ben pragmatic, and I know the chip shortage is impacting a lot if industris and the automotive one is one of many.

I don’t know how they can be less rigid as there are no cars to get hold of, as any that are being built are going direct to other customers, fleets and leasing companies…

I am sure there is lots of work going on in the background to get hold of cars, and I like you look forward to another car been added and the excitement comes back …

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I don’t think anybody is making up excuses - people are presenting the facts of the status quo. Ultimately, we can all say “Somebody should DO something!” or “Won’t somebody think of the children?” as much as we like, but it doesn’t really change anything :slight_smile:

ONTO surely know more about their business model than most, if not all, of us and I’m sure they’re doing absolutely everything they can to source cars in a sensible and sustainable way - it wouldn’t make sense for them not to be.

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Let’s leave onto alone then with 1 out of 18 cars available, (the one that is costing 1.3k a month), congratulate them on their recent expansion. They know what they’re doing. No more gentle encouragement or criticisms necessary, no need for them to take any actions or look into different ways of sourcing vehicles during “the new car chip shortage”.

Sarcasm aside, I’m just going to wait patiently for something new to come available from Onto’s great subscription service.