Pre-Empting An Unjust Parking Ticket

Hi guys, first message and a bit of a long one…

I’ve possibly picked up a parking ticket that I will definitely be appealing.

Several times over the last couple of months I’ve used a Polar Rapid Charger in a local pub carpark, it’s operated by the “dreaded” Euro Car Parks. Normally you text a set number with your registration and it’s free to stay and charge. When you message the Euro Car Parks number you usually get a message back saying thank you and the request is being processed. Never had a problem before.

This week I followed the instructions and sent the text message but I did not receive a Euro Car Park text in return. I’ve got this message on my iPhone plus all previous messages sent to and received by Euro Car Parks. Obviously if I am issued with a ticket I am not paying will appeal, I can prove I followed the provided instructions.

My question for the forum is how will quickly will OnTo contact me if there’s a ticket? And how will they do this? I am not always at my home address to receive letters in the post.

I’ve previously read people have had issues with parking tickets and their subscriptions, I’ve had my i3 subscription since March 2019 and would like to keep it!



Looks like you joined evezy a month after me :wink:

ONTO charge a fee of £10 to cover the admin involved in processing a parking fine.

Is it possible to contact Euro Car Park to confirm a ticket will be issued?

You could webchat ONTO to inform them that there may be a PCN on the way for your vehicle and that you intend to contest it. They could then confirm the process. It could involve them passing your details on to Euro Car Parks so that they can deal with you directly.

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Hi @Mr_A_Man, as soon as we receive the PCN we will be in touch with you via email and you can then let our team know that you want to appeal it :slight_smile:


@E7EV Good ideas! I will give Euro Car Parks a call on Monday and take it from there. A quick google of the pub tells me many many people have had similar issues.


@Lily_at_Onto Thanks for the info!