Pre conditioning email from renault

I received an email today about the pre conditioning issue with the Renault app and how they have a fix that can be done at any dealer in under an hour ,I didn’t even contact them.which i feel is good service


Got the same email. How do Renault know I have a Zoe, as it’s not registered in my name?

@Lily_at_Onto can we book our Zoes in with our local dealers for this work to be done? Here’s a copy of the email:

MY Renault App- Update

We’ve had some problems with the new MY Renault app and we really do understand how frustrating this has been for you,
so, sorry once again and thank you for your patience.

Our tech team have been working hard to identify the issue with some of the connected features between the MY Renault App and ZOE.

The good news is that a fix has been found to allow remote activation of pre-conditioning of your ZOE from the MY Renault App.

The Tech bit

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) in your ZOE is not ‘talking’ to the MY Renault App. The CPU, which is located in the passenger compartment of your ZOE, needs to be reprogrammed. Your local Renault dealer will be able to do this for you in less than an hour and completely free of charge .

What do I do now?

Please book your ZOE into your preferred Renault dealer so that a technician can reprogramme the CPU for you. Find your nearest dealer here.

In the meantime, if you want to talk to a member of our Multimedia team, please call us on 0344 369 0000* or click below.

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Because you linked the VIN of the car to your Renault app which in turn is linked to you and your email address