PolarPlus Card with Polar App Question

Hi All,
I’ve recieved my Polar Plus card today through the post. Card only, no letter with it.
Is it possible to add this card to the Polar Plus app? I can’t see a way to do that without a Referal Number I seem to be missing.
As far as the Polar Plus login goes, it won’t let me go any further without filling out my own billing details (thus starting a different subscription) which I don’t want to do.


The Polar Plus card and the Polar App are two separate and distinct ways of starting a charge (some chargers will also accept contactless)

So you don’t need to sign up. Just use the card. You will not pay anything as ONTO are billed directly. You can also use the Polar Plus card at BP Ultra High Power chargers on some of their forecourts and the CYC network.

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The Polar Plus app is pretty useless even if you were able to use it. All it does it tell you where the chargepoints are.

You could either just press the button inside the Onto app to get quickly taken to the Polar map to find one without installing anything, or you could download Zap Map which would show you the chargers across all networks and allow you to filter Polar and CYC only should you only wish to use them. But as a bonus you can see live usage data, and feedback from other people to get help and advice about certain locations, or knowing to avoid a charger if someone has recently said there that it’s broken.

As E7EV Said above me, you don’t need any apps or anything else. You just tap the card they sent you on a charger belonging to the Polar or CYC Network, plug in and go. Onto will pick up the entire cost for everything except overstay penalties. You won’t be able to log in to online accounts or apps with this card though, as the Polar card isn’t in your name but registered as Onto fleet membership.


Yeah, I’m aware that the card is stand-alone thanks. I was just hoping for a little bit of app connectivity I suppose. Maybe charge status, in use/out of use, charge level and current would all be good. Perhaps Polar could work on this, I would have thought through the PP and CP pins they could get some of that data.

There have been a fair number of cases of Polar mixing up accounts where people have a paid and a free one (I’ve seen this on the OVO forum as they give out a free polar account). So if you use the app there seems a good chance you will be occasionally charged.
It would be great if it was possible to see the charge power/amps as the Zoe doesn’t give that but I use the ONTO app to monitor charge state and with the Tesla it was also possible to set and change the charge limit within the ONTO app.

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For those with Zoes, there’s the MyRenault App as well. Not sure if the BMW app allows you to monitor the i3’s SoC, but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t.

The BMW App does this, but from what I have seen it updates even less frequently than the Onto app does.

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Would be useful if the On.To develops could get their app to work with the Polar charges so you would not need the card.

Useful for those with multiple drivers where one forgets to leave the card in the car (hasn’t happened yet ). Also, when you get an invalid card error at a charger, which I have just had and looking at the Zap-Map comments for this one the app works but RFID doesn’t.

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You can ring up and quote your card number and BP Pulse will start the charge. If that doesn’t work (or they take too long to answer), use the app and ask ONTO to refund you any fees you had to pay.

Generally, the card is better than the app, so I’m quite happy with having it.

Once Gridserve are more prolific, I wouldn’t be surprised if ONTO choose them as their charging partner. There is talk that you will be able to plug in and the Rapid will recognise the vehicle and start charging without any further action required on your part…Tesla style!

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Fastned already do this around here. It’s not especially reliable so far, and would be a problem for some cars currently in the ONTO fleet like the Zoe ZE40, and the LEAF since I believe it only works via CCS.

If it won’t work over Type 2 AC. I can’t see them ditching RFID cards anytime soon. Destination charging is just as important to many EV drivers. This needs to be covered one way or another too.

The 22kW AC chargers at Gridserve are free and plug ‘n’ play.

A Gridserve forecourt isn’t quite the destination I had in mind. I was thinking of things like workplace parking, park and rides, rail stations, shopping malls, city center car parks etc. Places where people can park up, plug in and leave for hours while they do their thing.

If people can make this work as part of parking up wherever they were going anyways it’s better than going out of your way to visit a rapid charger, waiting around up to a hour with little to do but purchase unnecessary and overpriced food or drink to pass the time.

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Zeddy gives a much more accurate charge state and speed than both the Renault and Onto app. Also keeps a history of charges and allows easy Pre-conditioning which you can combine with Siri Shortcuts.

I’ve had my onto car two weeks now and still don’t have a working card. The car came without one, the one I’ve been sent didn’t work and now they’ve ran out :upside_down_face:

Don’t worry you’re not missing much. The BP Chargemaster/Polar/Pulse/Whatever-they-want-to-call-themselves-this-week network is as unreliable as ever. Even if you had a working card you still have the far more difficult task of finding a working charger!


Yeah I wouldn’t worry as without one you can use any network and claim the charges back which is like a million times better than having a polar card !


Good because i accidentally used a charger with a 69p/pkwh cost the other day :upside_down_face:


Whoops that’s such a shame :joy: