Polar RFID Card & Car Number Plate

Hello! Another pub car park charger question…

Does my Polar RFID card have the cars number plate attached to it?

I charged my car on a rapid charger in a pub car park today. On the charger it said ANPR is in operation and to give your number plate inside the pub. If its outside of the opening hours make sure your car registration are on your polar account to avoid a potential ticket.

The pub said the charger was nothing to do with them and you didn’t have to give them your details. Obviously I use the supplied RFID card so I don’t have a Polar account. I couldn’t see any cameras in car park but don’t want to chance a ticket… Attempted to call the Polar helpline but 20 minutes in no one has answered…


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Which pub was it? Take a look on Zap-Map and see what you’re supposed to do. Also check out the comments of other users and see if anyone else has got a ticket or not.

I’ve never heard of a vehicle registration number being attached to a Polar Plus account. When I had my own polar subscription, I’m pretty sure they never asked which vehicle I drove.

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The ANPR sign wouldn’t be anything to do with the charger, quite a lot of pubs have started using ANPR if they have a problem with people leaving their cars in their car park but not using the pub. Usually these systems are switched off when the pub is closed, I’ve not had a problem but couldn’t guarantee that every pub does that.

Would need to check with @Lily_at_Onto about the card registration.


When I hired an EV from the Electric Vehicle Experience Centre in Milton Keynes, they give you a Polar card for free charging during your loan period. This briefly flashed up the reg number of the car on the screen when you tapped the RFID on the machine, so there is a link. Onto surely link the card to the car or if you had another non-Onto EV in the house or a friend, you could lend it to them???

The Polar Card is linked to the vehicle, not the hirer, although obviously ONTO know who that would be!

My current card comes up as ONTO Holdings, whereas the previous one was registered to Rente.

I think the OP’s point was whether he wouldn’t get a parking fine because the Parking Company would verify with Polar that the vehicle was using the charger. Or have I misunderstood their point?

I think the charger and the car parking are two separate things. I always register my vehicles reg inside the pub/hotel/restaurant after starting a charge just in case, only takes 1 minute.

I recently noticed my existing Polar card’s registered name has been changed from Rente to Onto. I also like whenever I call Polar/Chargemaster about a query, they always sigh “Oh, yea, we know about this company” after I give them my card details. :laughing:

Hi guys, thanks for all the replies!

When I’ve used car chargers in pubs previously the pub have always told me the charger is nothing to with them. Like @Jason I always try and register inside the pub just to be sure. This time the pub said they never take registration numbers ever, for any type of car. I found that odd as that’s not what the Polar charger sign said.

I could not see any cameras anywhere inside the car park or at its entrance but the second part of the sign said to make sure your reg number was against your Polar account. As I said in my original post I/we don’t use accounts only the cards, I more curious than anything else to see if our reg numbers are logged against the card we get. I’m not too worried about a ticket, nothing on the sign corresponded with the pub/car park!

Have you looked at Zap-Map to see what other users have said?

No comments on the parking unfortunately. I think it’s a wait and see situation!