Polar overstay charges

So I was out and for some reason my ds3 crossover decided I wasn’t going to get the range it thought I was so I had to pop it on a charger, my friend only has pay as you go electricity and I didn’t have my granny cable with me, so I found a nearbyish bp pulse 7kw chargepoint.

We popped out there plugged in and started the charge.

Now unbeknownst to me this charger has an overstay fee after 90mins of £10 an hour seems daft at 16:30 at night in a carpark thats empty at this time and 3 of the 4 charging bays empty.

It will take me longer than 90mins to get the charge i need go get home and I live in a pretty much public charger free part of the country…

But what happens if bp do charge the fee?

What makes you think there is an overstay fee on this particular charger? I’ve not yet come across a 7 or even 22kW destination charger with an overstay fee precisely for the reason you mention. It’s going to take you longer than 90 minutes to charge.

The overstay fee is usually only on their Ultrachargers. And if it was on those 7kW chargers as well, simply disconnect from one and plug into another.

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The bp pulse app states there is an overstay fee, its not as simple as popping out and changing socket as the charger is about 5miles from the person I’m visiting but was fine for a drop the car off and then drop me back at car to drive home.

I did try calling bp pulse to verify but their phones don’t seem to be working and no one on end of twitter or email either.

So just going by the app right now.

There is no signage at the chargers and if there was an overstay fee I would have expected some form of sticker or signage myself.

There is no mention of this on Zap-Map or the live map on their website. I’d be very surprised if it was the case as these chargers are situated on a Park and Ride where people leave their cars all day. I would suggest it’s been written in error on the app that you show.

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Found this on their website, right at bottom of page under pricing. Overstay fee only applies to 50 and 150kW Rapids.


Seems like they need to fix their app - shocking revelation I know :unamused: - there was no cell reception where I was and with no working phone no way for me to verify - so this is good to know - thanks for doing the leg work :slight_smile: