Polar Charging?

LOVE my BMW i3…
But have a newbie question…
When you connect to a polar charger and then lock the car, go for a coffee bla bla bla…
How can you monitor the status of your charge?
When i go on the Evesy app is does not update as it is not connected to the car?
Can I log in to the Polar app? how do i link my car??

Thanks in advance for your help:smile:

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Calling @BillN to answer this question :wink:


I use the BMW Connected app to do this. You would need to register the car (it’s free) using the VIN, if I recall correctly.


Yep that’s the method. Works fine. Did the same when had an i3. You can also do the same with a VW egolf and basically most EV’s that have an app/telematics solution.


Yep, you can do the same with the Zoe too, but:

  1. You need the VIN and an activation code from Renault. Evezy can get that for you if you email or call.

  2. Certainly for the Zoe the Evezy app does show you the charge percentage and updates when you open the app or tap the refresh button.

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Is there anything that you can do with the Renault app that you can’t do with the evezy app?

Downloaded the BMW Connected app and registered. Worked fine for a week but when the app was installed on my wife’s phone and registered to her, my app was disabled. Do you have to buy a BMW subscription to have more than one user on the app for the i3?

The Z.E. Services app supposedly enables you to pre-condition the car and schedule charging sessions, but the app is horribly broken and out of date. There is apparently a new refreshed Zoe app on the horizon, but its taking its time to get into the Apple app store. In the mean time the wonderful Zeddy is a much better alternative to both the Evezy and Z.E Services app.


The only two useful things it does are:

  1. Precondition the car to the settings you left them on. You can’t set or change the temperature, only the time it comes on. This feature is only available if the car is plugged in, sadly.

  2. It tells you when the car is predicted to be fully charged.

It’s clunky and horrible because it’s really just a window to the website interface, not an actual app. But it’s not really broken, it does work. The experience is just terrible.

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You can also lock and unlock the car remotely, which can be useful.
As apps go, it’s not that great

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As I thought. Thanks for confirming. I can’t charge at home so not worth me bothering with this.

Missing the Tesla. I could pre-condition from my bed! With Zoe, as long as I’m not parked too far from my flat, I can pre-condition from the lounge window using the evezy app.

Anyone know what the new ZE50 can do regarding preheating?

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I am sure you can programme preconditioning from the dashboard on a Zoe. (This works if you have a regular journey time)


I’d forgotten that! I’ll give it a go :+1:

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The car still has to be plugged in for this to work though. Otherwise it just ignores it.

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Why can’t Renault do what Tesla does? As long as the car is over, say 40% , let the car be pre-conditioned via the scheduler or the Renault App?


Because they build cars. Software is not their priority :roll_eyes:


Couldn’t they contract that out to experts. I’m sure the results would make it worth the extra cost. The software part of cars is only going to increase and get more technical.

TL;DR It’ll happen in time as competition at the low end increases the base level of software features on entry level EVs.

I think in the case of the Zoe in particular, Renault were going for affordability (a cheap car), so there’s no incentive for them to put any more effort in than they have to.

The priorities for the Zoe will not have been:

  • Premium interior finishes
  • Sound proofing
  • The entertainment system
  • The integrated services (the bit we’re talking about)

With the market as it is and has been, the Zoe currently competes on range and price.

The last two bullet points above though are really a case-in-point. The entertainment system… this isn’t even a Renault system, they bought that from tomtom. The hardware is as low-spec as they could get away with, which is why it’s laggy and isn’t powerful enough to support Apple CarPlay. It’s cheap hardware.

The issue this brings though, is that it’s not properly integrated with the car. It’s quite well integrated, to the point that you can get the pre-conditioning to work at a basic level either from a remote app or from the controls in the car or from the touchscreen. The car can report it’s SOC and whether it’s charging or not. But no more effort was put into it than that.

To do better, they would need to build an integrated system from scratch, from the ground up, in the way Tesla has done. But to do that requires a huge project, designers, developers, engineers all working together to create hardware that supports what the software requires, and in a way that it can all communicate correctly. Not to mention owning the very serious burden of responsibility for cyber security :scream:

But this is a budget EV. By contrast – using someone other than Tesla as an example – the Jaguar i-Pace will have probably had some decent time and money spent on a holistic architecture which support OTA software updates and is fully integrated into the vehicle. Same for the Porsche Taycan I expect.

I don’t think we can expect this level of integration from an “established carmaker” for what is a low end EV.

However, if Tesla were to make a Model 2 which competed at around a £25k entry price point… they’ve already done all the hard work with vehicles that they’ve been selling for almost a decade at a much higher price. So they can just drop that R&D straight into a smaller vehicle. Renault would have to invest some serious effort, time and money into doing this and they won’t do that for a Zoe.

Eventually, they may have to. Or they won’t compete. Who knows? We’ll see…

EDIT: Sorry, to answer your question, they could just add something that says if the SOC is over 40% then allow unplugged preconditioning. But They didn’t have to to sell the Zoe, so they didn’t. But… someone else at that price point will, and as time goes on we’ll see more software features on base level EVs as they each compete each year to offer more for less. I’ve added a TL;DR at the top :slight_smile:


Thanks for that comprehensive answer. Do you work for Renault? :rofl:


Very definitely not! :laughing: