Polar card issue

Hi all

Just got my 208, inside it the only card I have is a Polar plus card

The issue is that it’s not connecting to any of the chargers I’m having to call them every time to remotely activate the charger , sometimes being on hold for 20 minutes , the person on the phone said they have had this issue a few times with onto

Has anyone has had this issue before ?

If so how was it resolved and how quickly was it resolved ?

Call ONTO and let them know. If they have spare Polar cards currently in stock they should be able to send one out pretty quickly. As for the Shell card they were only sent out to people who had a car around the middle of last month. I seem to remember reading that everyone else should start to receive them in the coming weeks.

Yeah I informed them they have logged it as a technical issue ,

I tried about 6 different ones to make sure it wasn’t me !

Brilliant thanks for letting me know

Just had the same problem, they said it was a fault on their side, but activated by phone without issue

Yeah they activate it without issue but sometimes takes a while to get through to them , just abit of a pain , then having to call them back to release it

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I didn’t bother ringing them, just hit the E-Stop and reset before leaving :slight_smile:


I only ever had one issue where it wouldn’t stop charging with polar but also cba ringing so i hit the button :grin: off i went after it reset of course