Polar card for new customers

I’ve had my car for just under 2 weeks and still waiting for my polar card.

The delivery driver told me it would be sent in the post when he dropped the car off. Do I have to explicitly ask onto for it, as two weeks is a long time?

Also as @E7EV has mentioned, it would be good if we can get the card number up front.

I was told 2 days ago that they finally had a delivery of Polar cards and were getting them out to customers. I have mine now. See if yours turns up in the mail in the next week and if still nothing get in touch to chase it up.

In the meantime keep your receipts to claim back charging expenses.

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The delivery driver doesn’t work for ONTO and may not have reported the missing card to them.

I would contact ONTO to make sure they are aware that you are missing a Polar card. My Zoe arrived last Friday and the card arrived in the post on Tuesday (Royal Mail Special Delivery).


Surely ONTO could give BP Chargemaster a list of registration numbers and say if one of their customers rings in and quotes one of those numbers, authorise a charge for them. ONTO must be their biggest customer. Surely a bit of “out of the box thinking“ could ease the wait for the cards.

@Lily_at_Onto are we allowed to share Polar Card numbers between fellow subscribers? Does ONTO actively monitor our Polar Subscription usage, apart from if we get an overstay fine? Is the Polar Card linked to the vehicle, or the subscriber?

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After talking to them the other day about Polar cards, they are linked to the vehicle registration. Any penalties are applied to the driver of that registration at the time of the offence taking place. They were against me keeping hold of the new one they just mailed out if the replacement car today didn’t come with one because it would cause problems with their database of what car has a card and what number is linked to it.

I don’t think they will be keen on sharing card numbers so best to just keep receipts and claim back the expenses as per their policy. Saves time sitting on the phone waiting for Chargemaster to (not) answer too.


Messaged on.to yesterday explaining what I said in my original post. They literally sent out the card that day and it’s arrived.

I have a feeling they didn’t know I didn’t have one. Just PSA if you don’t have one then just ask and it should be sent out asap. Thanks @Ben1 !