Points redemption

Hi guys, I hope someone can sort this out for me.

So since I have had my vehicle, from the middle of last year I have been using my monthly points to redeem against Damage Excess and was always able to redeem online no problem. I would receive my refund for the value of the points £10 and it was always straightforward.

Now last month I wanted to carry on doing the same and as I received the six month 5000 bonus reward from onto I could redeem against Damage Excess for the full amount. Happy days…

Er no, firstly onto have removed the ability to redeem against Damage Excess online and prompts you to email to redeem the points. So I emailed as instructed and was told by reply that I could redeem against Damage Excess online, so I had to send a screenshot to prove it.

I called onto back and I redeemed a 1000 or so points, worth £20, over the telephone. However, there is an issue in that I have not received my refund for January for the value of the points redeemed, in this case £20.

I pay £499 for the Zoe and £20 for the Damage Excess reduction so £519 in total and I am at a loss as to why I haven’t received my refund for January.

I have spoken to a few people at into who unfortunately couldn’t help me. I was promised a call back from someone at billing, hasn’t happened.

I wish to carry on redeeming my points against the value of Damage Excess and I’m yet to do it this month because it now seems very complicated.

My contract date is 19th of every month.

@Adam_at_Onto can you help please as I have got nowhere via email or on the telephone.


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It’s very annoying that they seem to have gone backwards by removing the ability to redeem our points against the damage excess reduction ourselves on the website. It worked perfectly for a long time and now I can redeem my points against the Shell card that I don’t even need since I have the charging included option.

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@EVictor firstly congrats on the six month bonus and thank you. I’ll get someone to look into it and reach out to you to get this resolved.

Thank you @Adam_at_Onto I appreciate that. Incidentally, have you any idea why onto have removed the option to redeem online? It was a fantastic feature that makes your customer experience second to non.

@EVictor I’m investing that with our tech team. I’ll let you know what I find.

I followed the instructions to redeem the same against points. Emailed [email protected] who replied that they don’t know how to handle this and I’m better off calling customer service ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Hi @Adam_at_Onto

Charles has swiftly responded and sorted out the problem and has credited me £20. He has also said that he will personally track my redemption by email every month and make sure I am reimbursed correctly.

Now that was easy :+1:


Sorry to hijack this thread but I’m having issues getting a reply from your rewards team - originally sent an email on 8th asking for them to use my points for damage excess, at first they told me to do it online which does not make sense when there is no such option anyways, they agreed to do this manually after which my points worth £20 disappeared so I asked for an email to confirm which was on 9th Feb after which I’ve not been able to have any contact with the people at rewards email ID so can you please ask someone to reply to me? many thanks @Adam_at_Onto

@Ex_473_bty I’ll get one of the team to look at yours and @dotpaul issues. Seems there is some confusion within CS on loyalty points which I’ll get to the bottom of.


Can I also highjack the thread @Adam_at_Onto , and ask you to look into the issues I’ve been having with points redemption. I redeemed points worth £154.28, but also haven’t seen the credit on my latest invoice…

Many Thanks

Thanks @Adam_at_Onto one of your team is looking into it for me awaiting a reply from him.

I’m having the same issue. I managed to redeem against the excess charge back in December but nothing since. I’ve tried emailing. I’m now 2 x £20 worse off than expected.

And where was my 6 month 5000 point bonus???