Pod Point Chargers

Hi all,

Anyone else live in a new development with chargers built into the development provided by Pod Point?

I bought a new place end of last year, it has pod point chargers scattered along the back of the carpark. I figured out they have a 15 minute cut off which means you need to approve the charge (with credit in your account) within 15 minutes or the car stops charging.

I’ve emailed both the property companies and Pod Point directly and I am absolutely nowhere.

  • Pod Point say the charger is public so cannot be added as a home charger.

  • Development/Sellers tell me the charger has to be added to my account as it’s a privately owned charger.

At one point someone at Pod Point just turned off the 15 min cut off and I charged for free for about 2 weeks. This has been turned back on and now I cannot charge from it.

Does anyone else live in a place with a similar setup? Tried calling and emailing pod point multiple times and they don’t answer the phone nor do they give anymore info over emails other than this is a public charger and cannot be added to your account - yet I can’t see the charger on the map! (because it’s clearly not public).

Take a look at the Pod Point unit. Does it have a name badge or not? If it has a name (Lucy-Sean for example. It’s always 2x 4 letter names) Then this is a public unit that needs to be commissioned for use with the Pod Point app. If it has no names then it should be a private unit which shouldn’t need the app and should just charge as soon as you plug in without a 15 minute limit in place.

If it has a name badge, you need to get on to Pod Point to sort it out. Persistence is key with Pod Point at times. If it doesn’t then you need to get on to the property management company to configure it correctly instead.

Alternatively you can try asking the property managers to remove it’s network connection altogether. If it can’t connect to the internet at all it will sit in free vend mode at all times and not rely on the use of an app or timer.

Good to know the name part. It does have a name but I’m getting conflicting messages from Pod Point.

One day they tell me its private (owned by the development) the next day they’re telling me it’s a public charger and cannot be added to an account.

I will persist with pod point but they aren’t the best at customer service, taking ages to reply to emails or not even answering the phone.

I don’t even care if I have to pay for the charging at this point - I just want to know I can charge my car at my own home which has a flipping charger by the bay haha. It shouldn’t be this hard.

Does the charger, and the name, appear on the Podpoint app? Can you try to claim the charge?

Some housing estates have private chargers, with the back-end provided by one of the public operators. One near my parents house for example is accessed through GeniePoint, but my GeniePoint account has to be authorised by the Estate to give access it.

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Cheers for that @ralderton.

Turns out they are owned by the local council and should be free to use. I emailed a dedicated email to try and get access - imagine it’ll be similar to what you’ve mentioned above where they give me access to the chargers through an app. Either pod point or something else.

Now just have to wait for my response from the council within 10 working days… :unamused:

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Sounds similar to the PodPoint chargers at Tesco stores: they are free but cut off after 15 minutes unless you ‘claim’ the charge point within that time via the app or website.

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What’s worse than not having a conveniently situated charger?

Having a conveniently situated charger…that you can’t use :angry:

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