Plug and Charge on Electroverse

Hi everyone Grandad calling (an old ONTO subscriber). Thought an update on life in my 23 plate MG5 SE was due. Currently car has functionality to Plug and Charge and I use this on the Fastned network (bit rare around me in the southeast though but good for trips to Suffolk and Norfolk).

I also use the Electroverse card a lot when away from home charging, discounts included gratefully accepted.

Looks as if Electroverse are also getting in on the Plug and Charge tech now. MG5SE currently not shown as supported but shouldnt be long as the necessary capability is installed.:older_man:


An update from Octopus regarding MG5 SE compatability, not what I ws expecting but I understand the result👴

" Hi George,

Thanks for getting in touch! Great to hear you are interested in Plug & Charge, at the moment Fastned dont actually utilise the same technical protocol we have to use as a Non-Charge point operator. They have more direct control to see the vehicle that is charging to allow it to start.

The way we utilise Plug & Charge is through a public protocol that needs both EV manufacturers and charging operators to engage with, which is still in the early days. At the moment, I dont believe MG have adopted the necessary technical protocols to allow for Plug & Charge. We’d recommend directly messaging them (we find Twitter best, still) to try prompt them to get on board and provide software updates to allow this on their current EVs!

The advantage of this Plug & Charge approach is that you’ll have 1 account to charge across multiple operators in the same way you have your Electrocard or App. Fastneds approach although VERY Good at closing the gap with the likes of Tesla, would mean we repeat the process of needing multiple accounts per operator to have that Plug & Charge feature.

You can read more about our Plug & Charge setup here.

Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions, suggestions or Ideas!

Octopus Electroverse

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The joy of all the multiple standards that are wide open to interpretation :man_facepalming:

Does at least sound promising for the future as they all get their acts together.


Fastned at Ipswich Park and Ride on A12, recent visit. Shame no refreshments but bladder contents disposal unit clean and tidy.

Big beefy charging units 300kW with elephant trunk connectors. Only stopped for a litteral splash and dash so at 70% SOC only getting 36 up to 80%.:older_man:


Still cute!