Please add Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan would be a very welcome addition. Noting that it is an expensive model, the offering would be of particular interest for Onto Business customers given the 2% BiK and other meaningful tax incentives.

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@Mcr22 - We’re constantly on the hunt for new models to add to the fleet - this would be an exciting addition to our line-up if we were to get a large fleet deal


Also the Porsche’s cousin, the Audi eTron GT RS please

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And also maybe the Nissan Ariya and Toyota Bz4X

Borrow Tyson’s who got one today :grinning:

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Might be unavailable for this year…

VW sells out of electric cars in US and Europe

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What about the E Niro good range and looks good. I’ve seen some deals on another website??

No KIAs on the fleet yet. It’s all about getting vehicles at the right price, and quantity. ONTO wouldn’t add a vehicle unless they can secure a batch of several hundred, albeit delivered in smaller quantities each month.


I would love to see a Taycan or Audi RS GT or even an eTron 55s…

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@AndyJDi - we do stock the Audi Etron 55 S Line Black Edition

You have the 55, but not the 55s