Please add more high end vehicles, you’re product is great and revolutionary in its idea. Currently though, it’s very ‘cheap/reasonable’ focused and with that comes low power, low range and low quality. Yes for many people that’s exactly what they need. But considering your personal and business subscription offering, only having 2 Tesla’s, an etron 55 and an ipace as the high end vehicles seems lacking. Many premium cars are available to buy and would certainly appeal to those business users especially: the likes of Audi Etron GT, Porsche taycan, Tesla model S, Audi Q8 etron, Mustang machE etc. Those with more money to spend or with salary sacrifice schemes would likely jump at the opportunity - I certainly would - and with that comes additional revenue into your business. Thanks!

So, specifically, what vehicle would you like and how much would you be prepared to pay for it monthly?

Personally I am massive fan of the Etron GT and the Etron GT RS. The Porsche taycan is also very nice however their build times are much longer than that of Audi.
If I were to compare cost to that of Octopus as my employer also has a deal with them for all inclusive vehicle leasing (long term however rather than subscription) I would expect an Etron GT to be around the £1500 monthly +/- and the RS version to be around the £1700 +/-.

The Tesla Model Y is £1499 a month and costs £53k.

The e-tron GT costs £84k and the RS is £115k. I think it’s highly unlikely that ONTO could offer these vehicles for the prices you suggest.


As mentioned, I’m only going off of OctopusEVs prices here, but I also added +/- because every lease company is different. That said, every lease company of EVs are also offering either the taycan or the Etron GT so clearly there is a need and a return on these vehicles and if onto started offering them id be straight on to get one

I had a look at the Octopus website which was interesting. I did note however that the prices on their “Personal” tariff are based on a 3 year, 8k miles pa lease. It’s a 9 + 35 lease, so a hefty upfront payment, which when amortised over the 3 year term does increase the headline monthlies. On top of this you would need to add insurance costs (which could be a lot, depending on your personal circumstances) and public charging (although Octopus offer charging for 4000 miles over the 36 month lease).

A Model Y from them would cost £969 a month. ONTO is about one and a half times more expensive at £1499 for their all inclusive one month maximum commitment package.

If we apply that formula to the Audi e-tron GT:

Octopus: £11714 upfront then £1242 a month (£1533 a month amortised)

ONTO: One and a half times that to allow for insurance, public charging and the flexibility of a rolling monthly contract gives £2299 a month, with no upfront costs.


The Polestar 2 seems good value at £605 a month, cheaper than many smaller vehicles including the Renault Zoe and Peugeot e-208.

@mozzauk has does that compare with prices you found when doing your research?

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That is interesting and well laid out by you. Agreed with octopus there is upfront but that can be put down from 9 months to 1 only. We have a salary sacrifice scheme with octopus which will offer all the insurances etc as onto do, we will end up having both onto and octopus as salary sacrifice schemes actually. But actually my original pricings are slightly inaccurate as they were available models which octopus have purchased - I believe it’s through personal purchase cancellations which then get offered out to lease firms to buy at a slightly cheaper rate, this might also be how onto works in some cases.

But overall I wouldn’t be too opposed to paying the prices you have laid out as I would save through salary sacrifice too, plus the convenience of being able to give back should your financial or personal circumstances change is worth a bit of an uplift too rather than being in a 2-4 year contract

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The Octopus EV for the Polestar 2 is still £180 more expensive than what I am paying on my model…

Some Manufacturers do not give Salary Sacrifice schemes cancelled orders, as the margins are more in the direct to consumer market…

Taycans are on my scheme, with a much bigger lease company than Octopus still from around £1,000 per month net…

Are the prices @Oligil931 from the public site or the SalSac site…

Also be aware as you would go on a fleet insurance a lot of them wont fleet them due to the high risk of the vehicles…

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Thanks Mozzauk. Currently I’m at the mercy of the personal octopus site for pricing but I understand that is ex of insurance, maintenance and servicing etc. But I have used the lowest deposit option of 1 month, lowest annual mileage of 5k for an indicative cost as our salary sacrifice scheme hasn’t been rolled out yet but it imminently will be.

£1000 net monthly is about what I had in mind and would sit in line with the prices I’ve been looking at. A £1000 net would equate to around £1,800 gross for me. But as mentioned, I appreciate the convenience of a 1month rolling agreement does come with a cost, it’s similar to paying an insurance against having a hefty cancellation fee for terminating a long term agreement in my eyes

Just don’t see it being viable or onto why don’t you just go and use octopus ?

If onto aren’t going to stock the likes of those vehicles then yes I’d likely be going to octopus. The onto selling point is the 1 month rolling commitment which is a great safetynet if personal or financial position were to change for any reason in the future. Plus all of the other EV lease firms are offering these vehicles so I wanted to try and gauge Onto’s interests or intentions.

As you can see ONTO don’t officially answer such questions on this public forum.

But a lot of us on here have met the top guys and asked these questions so we’ve got a reasonable idea of how they decide which cars to get.

(1) They need good availability with at least a couple of hundred vehicles to make it worth adding to the fleet.

(2) They need to get them at the right price.

(3) They need to be sure they will be popular at the price they’d need to offer them.

(4) They need to be able to sell them at a good price.

I doubt vehicles such as the Audi e-tron GT or the Taycan meet any of those criteria except possibly the last one.

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Hi E7EV, thanks a lot for your response and your very helpful answers. Really appreciate the intel!

So… I was charging this morning and another Onto car parked next to me and plugged in. I always grab a coffee when I’m charging and wait outside the car in case anyone fancies a chat, so I got chatting to the other Onto car and it turned out he was delivering it. Bit eager with it being 5:45am :clap:


We discussed everything EVs and he mentioned that he’s driven all of the Onto cars, as the one he likes the most, by far (his words not mine) is the Megane. Interesting, but that’s not the good bit. Right after he said he’s looking forward to delivering Ontos Taycan when they they’re ready!

I made sure he meant Onto and he said yes.

Could be just wishful thinking on his behalf but who knows :eyes:


Now that would be interesting. Think it might not be the case, but you never know.
Fisker Ocean later this year for sure.

That would make our year for sure :smiley: promising intel there and fingers crossed.

I know Porsche lead time was crazy long at some 2 year wait at some point for a taycan, however from Porsche directly I was quoted approx 6 months for the turbo, 9 months for the gts and 12 months for the standard and 4S models. So it’s definitely possible that they will be this year if onto have in fact requested an army of Taycans

More likely a small batch at most.

Was there more than just caffeine in that coffee? :wink:


Nah - they’ll be just for the team! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy: They all get company cars I expect….don’t they?

Well, I’d reckon on Rui having an eye on a Fisker….

So presumably @Adam_at_Onto is due a Taycan. Let’s just sit back and wait for a denial….

…then we’ll know it’s true…… :wink: