Physical key - Is this correct?

Hi all,

Before I call, I just wanted to ask here, do the physical keys come from AA key assist?

I have had a txt message saying they have tried to call me to arrange an appointment for a technician to attend.

I am expecting a physical key but the text looks a little dodgy and I was not expecting to have someone come out to give me a key?

Peugeot E208….my key came in the post a couple of months ago.

Hope that helps

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I’d give Onto a call if it was me and ask them to check if they know about anything booked for your car. I assume the AA would only be used if you were stuck somewhere having lost the key, or locked yourself out or something as an emergency call out.

For regular arrangements to provide the physical key, they would either be delivered with the car at the time of delivery, sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery, or on rare occasion delivered by an Onto staff member themselves.


Don’t call the number. Scams are becoming very sophisticated at the moment and seem to be able to link into very plausible personal situations

The keys come direct from Onto


@dannycc I can confirm the keys come directly from us. Please do call our helpline if you ever have a concern like this. As everyone else is saying these scams are getting more sophisticated.


Thanks all. I thought as much!!

Now, I still need to call onto to chase my key :joy::joy:


They called me again, and were quite convincing. They had all the details of my contract with you??

Is this a scam? Or is this AA?

If a scam, I have real concerns of how they got my details and know that I need requested a key? They knew my address and the details of the car

@dannycc Let me look into this for you. We do use AA key assist but they are not responsible for sending out our keys.

If they have all your details, why don’t they just post the key or drop it around to you? Are they asking for money?

Thanks @Ben_at_Onto

@E7EV I didnt get that far with them, I just asked them to confirm a few details to feel out what they had and then hung up.

Could it be that the original key was lost and they sent AA key assist to arrange a replacement key for you. I’m pretty sure I’ve read on here before that someone’s key that was supposed to be sent out was lost and they had to get a replacement. I don’t know if AA key assist is able to program the key to the car though or if you need to go to the dealer for that?

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all sorted. Conner give me a call from Onto.

It was genuine :slight_smile:

@lgrok you are right! the previous driver lost the key, think it was a bit of a miss-communication between the teams at onto and myself as they didnt let me know

Now I await the call back from AA were I probably should apologise :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@dannycc Glad you are all sorted, and always better to check with these things!


i have requested a physical key with my new Zoe GT delivery 20/07/21 and, in view of my aversion to Apps, have sought confirmation that I never Have to use the onto app for day to day usage - i received confirmation, however have read some ambiguous comments relating to this - can u plse categorically confirm that my physical key will open /start/charge car (in conjunction with RFID tag)

As u are now supported by so many small Indi charging utilities, do we just present all 3 tags in turn until charger recognizes correct one? - No idea who belongs to whom…

Is there a golden rule as to if the cable should b plugged in before or after presenting RFID or any other part of start procedure - when renting a GT from MK EVC I spent on average 20 mins doing the EV Charging Tango trying to convince the charger that charging is part of its raison d’etre - the clue being in its name…(Though that usually involved a debit card and no App) - could rarely read the ludicrous cheap displays and they would take u around in a logic loop nr. endlessly…insert…remove…take car out of gear, present card, repeat…

The InstaVolt Card is for the InstaVolt network and the BP Pulse/Polar Card is for that network and CYC as well. All the rest on the list are accessed using the Shell Card.

Alfa Power

BP Pulse


Charge Your Car (CYC)



EV Box



Franklin LiFE

Has To Be








Shell Recharge




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Obviously I can’t guarantee you’ll get the key, but that is generally what happens. In that case, you can use the car without needing the ONTO app. You would though need to use the My Renault app if you want to precondition. Also, if you’re worried about going over the 1000 mile allowance, you could use a trip meter in the car, or your ONTO My Account.

thanks guys Instavolt looks cool - if we r not paying, do we simply substitute the RFID Tag instead of Debit card to same reader?

I like the physical buttons :slight_smile: - EV manufs need to wake up to the fact touch sub menus do Not belong in car controls! - You thought cellphone use whilst driving was distracting…

Essentially yes - the Instavolts I’ve used I have swiped the Onto supplied RFID card to the reader and the charge has started - happy days! :smiley:

Are ask these free chargers with the shell card?