Peugeot e208 trims

Hello all took my pug in for service and they was just gonna reset the light but he spoke with someone else and they said to check it anyway so there r now and gave me courtesy car

Is this the same as the pug GT 2021 model like the interior ect as I do like it alot seats more comfortable the bigger screen is so much better and more responsive and like how u can change the colour of it and the cockpit colours looks cool sat nav is a plus even noticed WiFi settings there.

So am thinking of swapping for the GT model if it is the same interior and that just for extra 20 not bad tbh I know this one is petrol version but I mean in looks ect.

Does anyone have the GT and could show some pics of it plz and inside :grin: much appreciated

Peugeot have recently rebadged GT line to GT and GT to GT Premium. They also added a couple of features, so i think you’d get the 10" screen and sat nav. The seats would probably be different too but I would think that all 3 trim levels offer different style seats. GT has a lighter grey colour in the middle. Were they the type of seats your replacement car had?

Yea light grey seat but they were comfy so ontos GT is the premium?

No, just GT. The premium is the top model. I’m not sure if the grey seats made it into the updated GT trim of the car.

I think it’s all Peugeot’s fault for rebadging in such a confusing way!

Ahh right annoying I do like the pug it’s just the range ain’t the best but do like the bigger screen n sat nav but few more lil extras wud b nice lol

Does anyone know what seats the ONTO GT’s have? Is it the same dark ones as in the GT line or do the new GT’s also have the lighter grey seats that were present in the old GT before the trim rebrands (I think that makes sense :D)

Page 28 of this has the details on interior materials for the current model range

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Example of a new GT here:

Amazing, thank-you :slight_smile:

Looks like it has the same seats as the current GT Line then.

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I think there’s only two differences IIRC. The “new” GT has larger screen with SatNav and blind spot warning. Other than that it’s identical to “old” GT Line.


The absence of sat nav in the old gt line will mean it presumably doesn’t have the map view in driver’s display which the new GT does , which looks to me like it should be quite a nice feature in a car of this class, and reminiscent of the digital driver display in Audis and the like.

I think this is the 2020 brochure - looks like the old GT line didn’t get blind spot monitoring (??)…((ETA - sorry, I see this was already mentioned above!!). which the new GT does. And also something about the piano keys but sounds like that might be a very minor difference in finish.

Actually, sounds like the 10inch screen models get extra buttons?

(ETA - seems like not extra buttons, but just that the shortcut keys are moved from the either side of the 7inch screen to above the piano keys for the 10inch version)

Looks like it also has TomTom as opposed to the (clunky) Peugeot nav system that other models have previously had. That’s a big plus in itself. Looks great on the 3D dash in those pics

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Yeah, it looks pretty good and sounds, on the basis of a few YouTube videos, as though it’s quite nicely done.

This is the video where those pictures came from:

I’m hoping it will be possible to have the sat nav screen with directions on the driver’s display and then to have ABRP running via CarPlay on the central screen, but I suspect having ABRP follow a planned route will cause CarPlay to stop the in-built sat nav routing.

I’m not sure about on the Peugeot, but I know with recent rentals with BMW and VWs CarPlay navigation was independent of the integrated sat-nav and didn’t cancel it; if I wanted the dash display for navigation, I had to set the internal nav up as well as CarPlay.

I would think/hope that you’d be able to do both independently without an issue, as CarPlay I don’t think normally can ‘escape’ its container and impact other nav or media systems in the car?

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Oh cool, hopefully the Peugeot works like those other cars then.

I maybe need to double check later, but I’m sure the Kona won’t allow it and if a route is started in Google Maps etc it will immediately not only stop the built-in navigation, but also remove the set destination.

My wife’s 2008 arrives tomorrow, so I’ll be able to test this out and report back.

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