Peugeot e-208 park assist

Could someone confirm that the 208 GT line has full park assist? I’ve not been able to see it online other than 2008. Says it is a feature of GT-line.

Fully automated park assist*

I called up about this any onto said yes my car will have it im confused my car arrived and only has front and back sensors and camera no fully automated park assist as stated… got a phone call a day after I received the carg from onto to check how I’m doing with the e208 I mentioned this haven’t heard back i got my car on thr 18th Dec:( feel bit let down as I did ask over the phone

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The GT Line does not have Park Assist.

Only front and rear sensors, along with a camera that doesn’t cope well at night.


yeah the camera is not the best, but i love the view from above it gives find that really helpfull


The camera is really bad on it cant even see thru mine properly even in day and the breaks aint the best

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Well try changing your brand of coffee and start getting your biscuits from M&S instead of Tesco :wink:


Just be careful not to rely on the view from above. The car is just stitching together still images captured by the rear camera. It’s not a live feed and the image can be misleading.

Always use the mirrors as well.


Yeah thanks I’ll make sure I remember to use my mirrors … lol