Peugeot e-208 infotainment fault

I have had my e-208 for 3 weeks now but I have had issues with the infotainment system since about day 2. My android auto was working fine but after day 2 it was not working at all. I ended up resetting the system to factory settings and then it worked. I then received a phone call and the sound came through my phone rather than the car speakers. A few days later Android auto stopped working again, again I restored the system system to factory settings, Android auto then worked but the voice/phone buttons on the steering wheel did not work. I also could not select any of the other options on the screen, air con settings for example, the screen was just frozen.
I turned the car on this morning and the touch screen took about 30 seconds-a minute to actually come on.
Also, I feel the graphics of the screen are a bit dated, it’s as if I don’t have the most recent system. I do not expect this from a 2022 plate car.
I called ONTO with regards to this and was told that I need to take it to a Peugeot garage for diagnostics but as I would require a curtesy car I would have to wait until October, this was also not possible on weekends so will need to take time out of work.
Has anyone else had issues with this?

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Not a Pug, but still a Stellantis Rash with probably similar gubbins….

After one month I have noticed a few “glitches” (CarPlay stopped responding, screens reset to km, and - IIRC - one time to German, or was it French?)

I reset everything back to factory settings at one point, as you have. And I’m swapping out the cables.


It forced me to try out the car’s own nav system (which I otherwise would have been too lazy to do), and I’m still in the stage of trying to get things to consistently not work, so that if it does go to dealer I have something useful to say. In other words I haven’t gone to Driverline yet, but watch this space.

So, no - you’re not alone in having some degree (sounds quite a lot in your case) of annoyance that it ain’t quite right. Courtesy car situation would seem to accord with most everyone else’s issues linked to car shortages :man_shrugging:

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My car doesn’t even seem to have it’s own sat nav system…it’s as if the maps haven’t been uploaded to it or something! It is extremely frustrating!
I think I might just turn up at a Peugeot garage and see what they say.
Fingers crossed!

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I think it might be an idea to turn up on spec….

Just pick a “quiet” time and ask for help, perhaps saying you cannot see how the system behaves as the manual seems to suggest…. (implies you’ve tried to sort it yourself, but want to check if there’s a problem with them!)


Similar issue I posted about a few days ago. Although I was being relocated to the river or into a different area. I’ve been booked into get it fixed under warranty so just call driver.

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Ah - got to jump back in with some info…

(Every day’s becoming a learning day with this car, not sure whether it applies all across Stellantis, but might help)

Noticed on a Facebum site that a couple of people were mentioning their Corsas were behaving in a new way. Drove a few miles today, then when I came back the Mambo Mocky is doing the same: alerts for things like speed cameras is suddenly on and chirping away!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Not done it in the first 1,300 miles until today! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

CarPlay worked right from the get go for me today too - seems as if it has had an OTA update - certainly haven’t (consciously) done anything - makes me think somebody up there in the Stellantis Cloud may have been tinkering :man_shrugging: