Peugeot e-208 GT tyre pressures

Hi, all.
I’ve had a tyre pressure warning light come on for Peugeot e-208 GT
I’m about to check them but can’t find anywhere via onto or the documents that came with the car as to what the front and back tyre pressures should be.

Anyone know? Thanks.

Is it not printed on the inside of the A or B pillar when the door’s open by chance?

Or alternately the tyre itself might have the ranges on it :thinking:

Making me think I need to check ours- haven’t done so in a couple of thousand miles so definitely worth a check! :grimacing:

Can’t see it on the pillars and tyre just says max 50psi

A quick search shows it to be…
that the official figs are 32 psi all round if just driver occupation or 36 f and r if the cabin and/or boot is heavily laden.

I suspect the label giving bar pressures is on the passenger door pillar (its French) rather than the drivers door RHD. If not there sometimes manufs put them in the fuel filler cap, but I have never seen that happen on an EV and you would have spotted it by now of course.

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This is for the GT Line

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after u have done the tyre pressure, remember to go onto the settings and reset the warning