Peugeot e-2008 GT Arriving Tomorrow

No, sitting in my office car park :slight_smile:

Mine arrived today, too. Very excited! Delivery was brilliant, too. I’ve got 220-odd delivery miles on mine, a little further from the port than you, I suspect :joy:

I like the look of the silver, I only had orange, red or white to choose from so I went with the red which looks very nice! Had a quick play and drove my son around the block earlier, I’m looking forward to short drive home to see if I can get a feel for it.

There’s some new NewMotion chargers at the McDonalds near home, which don’t show up on any maps yet (including the NewMotion/Shell map!), so I’m going to do a quick test to see if they’re active yet.


Are you sure they are NewMotion?

McDonald’s have a deal with Instavolt for chargers. Especially since you’re saying they are new that seems very odd.


thank u, I havent heard much about that one before

Ok, in love with the e2008, not sure what the phrase is for an electric ‘splash and dash’ but a quick 10 mins to top up for my first charge and all working well.


Have to say that silver and black really does pop in the light. Nicely shot.


Absolutely. It looks superb in silver. Glad you’re loving the car!


Orange Fusion for me.


I hope you like sitting at chargers hahahah as soon as the cold weather comes they will be your best friends with the range on the Peugeot dropping below 100 miles :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m not usually a Peugeot fan, but that is a very good looking car. Especially in that lighting and that angle.

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If we don’t like it we just swap it once the winter gets here :slight_smile:


Hi, as promised, did the check asks out looks like you are running the same software version as me. I also found that you can get set the view in one of the personal views to show the % constantly.


Thanks for checking! I think it must be something that’s in a different software update then - probably one that has to be done by a dealer. I guess the software version shown on the central screen maybe only relates to what’s on the centre media screen, and doesn’t affect the driver’s display.

I’m pretty sure this is new as I’ve read complaints about the lack of SoC% from e2008 owners as well as e208 owners.

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There are probably dozens of software modules with unique versions running on every EV.
The ones we as users can see in the displays are likely just top level car/media affairs.
There will be ones for ECU, rapid/slow charge modules are all manner of other modules.


BP in boreham? @matttayl0r

Just charging there now and found this funny note on the charger :joy:


Did you add your own comment? :joy:

Comment number 3 now :laughing:


Think I would just have removed it :smirk:

Haha! No note when I topped up there the other day!!

Will be popping past their tomorrow! Looks like it working ok to me :+1:t3:

And this you’d ruin the low tech offline Zap Map this lot have got going on :joy:

Unless maybe it’s CHAdeMo which is offline?