Peugeot e-2008 GT Arriving Tomorrow

Fingers crossed that delivery goes as scheduled.
Need to add second named drive once the hire commences as I don’t seem to be allowed to add before.

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Hi, I have an e2008 arriving tomorrow as well :slight_smile:


@Elgordano and @matttayl0r Look forward to photos and your reviews as we’ve not heard much about this vehicle in the forum yet.


I’m still in Singapore for a few more weeks so my wife will hopefully be giving me a good review of it. First EV so nothing to compare it against yet.

I am hoping delivery goes well.

I am actually having it delivered to my office which means I will have 121 mile drive home in it so should have some feedback pretty quickly!


Have you planned somewhere to charge on the way home? The vehicles are supposed to arrive with at least 60% SoC, but that may not be enough to get you home in one go.

Good luck mine was supposed to be delivered today after few calls told software problem now everytime i call they tell me they will call me back so no car and days holiday for nothing hope they sort it

Seems to be a very high failure rate for all types of EV’s (or maybe just excuses).

Yes, straight out of Guildford, onto the M25 and there is an Ionity at Cobham services. That’s my plan, should be able to get home from there :+1:t3: Having a look on one of the many many apps I’ve downloaded, there looks to be a decent amount of chargers available.

Had a catch up with my boss today that I recommended to and he had his DS3 Crossback delivered today so hopefully my delivery goes as smooth.

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Hopefully they’ll sort it quickly for you.

Pretty sure that it’s not every car that has a software fault, just a common excuse when they can’t deliver from what I can see on here!

what app is this? thanks

Yes, WattsUp.

Alongside Zap-Map, Tronity and a load of others I have, I feel as tho this one is going to be useful.


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Apparently the car is on its way.

It’s arrived. Very smooth delivery. Driver called about 60 mins before arrival saying he was charging.
Pictures to follow soon.


Car all lovely, arrived a couple of hours ago. Already in love with it!!

Missing the 3 pin plug so guessing it’ll be sent to me.


Delivered with only 80 delivery miles!


Also, found the mythical percentage read out in the Peugeot that I see most people seem to comment on when watching YouTube.
Just press the right stalk to show current!



I need to see if this works on the e-208
I’m wondering if you’ve got a more recent software version

ETA: yeah, must be a more recent software version I think

My e-208 is on this:

I’ll check the version when I get back in the car and let you know.

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You weren’t charging at the time were you?