Peugeot 208 - System Errors

Morning all, wonder if anyone has had a similar experience to me. I was driving along in the E-208 yesterday and all of a sudden came several beeps from the system accompanied by messages on the dashboard detailing several different faults. Collision detection risk system fault, tyre under inflation detection fault, parking brake fault, abs system fault, hill start system fault and ESP/ASR system fault. Aside from the seemingly erroneous fault messages, everything appears to be working just fine. I tried turning it off and leaving it for a while but all the messages reappear as soon as you turn the car back on. Any ideas?

First thing to check when this type of thing happens with an EV is the 12v battery.


As above comment, widely disparate error mesgs. From multiple areas of the car systems means a lack of 12v going to the elctronics.

If you have a DMM you can check the battery voltage.
Here’s some typical voltage info…


Thanks all, I’ll check that out :slight_smile:

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