Peugeot 208 pre heating

Can someone assist. I’ve downloaded the peugeot app but can’t see the pre-heating option. I assume it is available to us?’?

Have you “registered” the vehicle to your account? (Is the vehicle showing up?)

You have to make four or five trips, which the app will register, before you get access to all the features.


Yes all the car info trips etc work

It seems to be a two step process to get all features to work. First download the app and pair with vehicle. Then you need to make 5 separate trips of a certain distance that the app records. Then you get access to the preconditioning function.


good to know on that! Just about to order the e208. Out of interest, how many miles were those 5 separate journeys you had to make before unlocking features in the app?

I think it’s 5 journeys of >20 minutes, rather than a certain distance.

A very odd requirement!