People keep flashing me at night

Hi all,

Just wanted to know from anyone who has a Kona, do you get on coming drivers flash you? Have had to flash them back to show that high beams are not on or they may be thinking the headlights are my foglights🤔

Check the headlight adjustment - even if it’s on the correct setting, it seems to have a mind of its own and I think you might need to move it up/down and down/up again to get it to actually move to the correct position.

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yep happens now and again to me aswell especially on country roads,think they are very powerfull led’s

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Glad you’re talking about lights. I was about to say maybe try walking in a different park at night.


Thanks guys I will try adjusting the light switch and hopefully it will stop this constant unclassy flipping of the bird by other drivers :grin:

I have had the same but seems fine after dipping my lights. I thought that they were autodipping :frowning: