PCN's Shell Recharge a sorry tale but with a good outcome

I received my Shell Recharge card in December and have uaed it enthusiastically at my local garage since then. I followed all the rules of submitting my vehicle reg to the cashier after reading the warning notices of cctv monitoring and 30 min parking time limit but being old and senile (my excuse) I had given the wrong reg number repeatedly for those 4 weeks (HT instead of HV). However to my dismay after 4 weeks I received notification from ONTO about a PCN re parking at the Shell sit and assumed because of my error more would be on there way. I was warned that multiple PCN’s may cause my account to be suspended. I was extremely worried. However, after contacting @Carol by PM and the ONTO Notification Team by email, prompt replies from both confirmed that because of the silly error they would not look at suspending the account. Relief number 1.
I then went about getting the PCN’s canceled. A post from @Kev (I think) pointed me to the money saving web site and info about PCN’s and Enforcement companies. Great info there. However, before going into battle with them I started contacting Shell Recharge. First by live chat who referred me to New Motion with a contact email. They in turn referred me to Alego by email, who in turn referred me back to Shell, but with an actual person and contact details at Shell who could help. After explaining my sorry tail I heard today that all PCN’s associated with my car will be cancelled and action will be taken to stop EV drivers receiving PCN’s for “parking” beyond 30 mins. Bingo - mighty relief 2.
I have not posted the contact at Shell’s details but I am happy to pass it on by PM should anyone else fall foul.

Silly old fool that I am.


I must admit the threat of suspension over PCN’s is a bit of a strange one, If I got 4 speeding tickets in a week/month etc then fair enough, but 4 parking tickets, moreso private parking invoices which are (in my case) issued erroneously is a bit worrying.

I get it, they have to manually review it to make sure you’re not flying round at 100mph everywhere, and you’re not parking the car like you stole it, but getting 4 parking invoices in a few days isn’t unimaginable - especially at the moment with hotels being closed, but the EV chargers are still open with no way to register the vehicle.

Fantastic to see it was cancelled for you @Grandadgeorgec and as I mentioned previously, they sent me a ticket for not paying at hospital, despite me calling and registering a blue badge holder in the car while I took him to A&E.

Strange, but seemingly common practice with this sort of business model. With another company (Not ONTO) I got 2 PCNs in the space of a day from TFL, both on the same junction and both totally issued in error (Stopping in a yellow box junction, despite clearly indicating to turn right and waiting only for oncoming traffic to stop/clear in order to turn). Instead of giving the option to appeal they had already paid it and invoiced me with admin fees on top, as well as a demand to return the vehicle to them as I was no longer welcome to keep hiring it.

I’m really hoping the TFL Camera operator responsible kept their job for just as little time as I kept that car before losing it!


Wow, that’s crazy! At least with ONTO they ‘consider’ instead of shooting first and asking questions later.

I received PCN while using shell too, even they giving 90 minutes free parking while charging at Stratford international but 2 days ago got email from notification team that I got a ticket

@Sebas29 PM me if you want the Shell contacts email details to request cancellation.

Isn’t that Osprey? They use CCTV at the chargers to allow 90 minutes free charging time. I was there this week so I might have a PCN on the way as well then :open_mouth:

Isn’t the CCTV just for spotting people “ice-ing”? Most forecourts will have ANPR to clock you in and out, if you are over a certain time (normally 30 minutes) then it will generate an invoice. No idea about the site in question, but that’s how I understood it.

There’s a camera above each of the six chargers and that captures the registration number of vehicles charging. This means you don’t have to pay for parking as long as you’re not there more than 90 minutes. This must be connected in some way to the car parks ANPR and you are not sent a PCN. Perhaps in @Sebas29 case the charger’s camera didn’t work.

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Update. Visited the offending Shell site this morning for a charge and changes had already been made. When I registered my reg number (correct one this time) I was asked to write it down myself. Once the cashier had entered this on the till he used an iPad to take a picture of the till scteen and showed it to me to confirm it was correct. Then whilst sitting in my car the manager at the site came out to talk with me. I explained the history of my unfortunate experience. He actually appologised and said that if ever I get a PCN in future I should go and see him and he would arrange for it to be cancelled. He let me photo his Shell lapel badge with name and job title for future reference.


I’ve taken a photo with my mobile of the car registration number and I show that to the receptionist at restaurants/hotels because I’m always worried about giving the wrong number!

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Wise man. I will now do the same. Thanks for tip @E7EV


I am glad you got this sorted, we all learn something new everyday!

Hey @Sebas29 did you successfully appeal the PCN from Stratford International Station car park? I’ve just got one too :angry:

No not yet, notification team told me to wait for the parking ticket to be posted to my home address first before I can appeal.I used that charger few times so I’m expecting more tickets.

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@Carol I wonder if you could apply a little of your magic to this issue :wink:

At Stratford International Station Car Park, 90 minutes parking is included in the Osprey Network charging fee. They have CCTV for each charger and so a PCN for a vehicle that has charged should not be issued. I spoke to the attendant the first time I used this facility and he assured me it was all handled automatically and I didn’t need to do anything.

In view of the fact both @Sebas29 and I have got PCNs, obviously something isn’t working. Could the Notifications Team not just appeal the PCNs on our behalf as it’s a straightforward case. Then, going forward when NCP see a PCN for this location for a vehicle registered in ONTO’s name, they’d realise that it is an EV and exempt from parking charges as long as it was under 90 minutes? If we the subscribers appeal separately, they will never make the connection.

This charging location is really handy as there are six rapid chargers that are generally very reliable. Also you can pop into Westfield shopping centre or walk in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park while you’re waiting. It would be a shame if you risked a PCN every time you used it, with the subsequent hassle for the subscriber and ONTO alike.


That’s right , since I got my PCN I stopped using those chargers cos I don’t wanna risk getting anymore tickets.


Have you tried approaching engenie direct as they may well have had a large number of reported errors? In my case with Shell I approached them direct (although I did get passed around before finding the right contact). I did not wait for ONTO Notification Team to go through the process of reasigning the ticket to the Keeper of the vehicle (me) with the PCN enforcement company. Shell were very helpful in arranging cancellation of this and a further two PCN’s. I never actually received any of the notices direct and never dealt with the enforcement company. I wish you both @E7EV and @Sebas29 well in your endeavours to resolve this issue.


I forgot to add that I kept Onto Notification Team by email and @Carol initialy by PM, informed of what was happening. Both were very helpful ensuring notes were kept with my account file to prevent any account action by onto.


@Grandadgeorgec I have notified Osprey of what has happened and they will look into it on Monday and get back to me.

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