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I have just received a PCN notification from Onto regarding a visit I did to the Crowne Plaza Liverpool John Lennon Airport, ( Polar Network ).

I was already informed by forums about you have to communicate when you arrive for charging the vehicle to Hotel Reception and this is exactly what I did that day and some others days that I went to this place to charge the vehicle, the only difference is that the day of the penalty the charger refused to charge the car and I had to go to another charger but Polar must have the logs about my car trying to charge the vehicle. Every single day I went there, I did communicate to the Hotel my visit.

What can I do now ? I am devasted and upset of receiving this penalty when I didn´t do anything wrong on my side.


@mercuryin I am sorry to hear that, have you raised this with the CS team as I am not sure next steps here, but they will know and happy to share the outcome, but we really do need a support request so this is logged on your account.

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I have sent an email to [email protected] forwarding the PCN to them and explaining everything. I have also emailed to the Hotel, don´t know what else do I have to do. Looking forward to hearing back from someone.

Entirely not Onto’s fault but the sorts of things EV drivers have to put up with really does my head in. I’d like to know the last time a driver of a petrol or diesel car got a parking fine for simply refuelling their car.

Government should have mandated that if companies want to have ANPR cameras that dish out fines they need to be able to automatically exempt registrations linked to EVs which are parked in a charging bay.

As it is, I just entirely avoid any location where it says on ZapMap anything about having to register your presence just to charge (unless it’s completely unavoidable on a particular journey). They can get stuffed as far as I’m concerned.


Hi @mercuryin sorry to hear about the PCN. Have a look at my previous post on this subject which contained lots of useful contributions. Good luck.

PCN's Shell Recharge a sorry tale but with a good outcome I hope this link works👴


I also had a PCN. It said on the sign to go into the hotel and input my reg. However the hotel was closed due to lockdown. I have appealed and am awaiting a response.

During the first lockdown, I wanted to be able to use a polar Ultracharger located in a Toby Carvery car park which had cameras. I emailed the manager and she assured me that I wouldn’t receive a PCN and if I did she would cancel it.

May be worth getting in touch with the hotel manager and explain the situation. They can often cancel them retrospectively.

A tip for the future is to check Zap-Map comments before using a charger for the first time. This will highlight any issues at that particular site. If you arrive and the restaurant/hotel is closed, then leave the premises immediately. Most have a 5 to 10 minute grace period which I believe they have to by law so you get chance to read the displayed conditions for parking before deciding whether to stay or not.



I wrote to the Hotel a nice email and they kindly replied me back with a CPN cancellation and Onto has confirmed this morning by email that the CPN has been already cancelled.

So happy ending :slight_smile:


I’m sure the notifications team do the best they can, but I don’t think they need to go through the process of informing the PCN company who the driver was on every occasion. It seems PCNs can easily be disputed and cancelled by the subscriber while the liability for it is still in the name of ONTO.