Payments help please

Hi guys just a quick question if I paid the rental fee and delivery charge today when would my next payment be if I decide to keep in another month? Its due for delivery Wednesday but if they do 4 weeks from todays payment I will be 4 days short from my pay day im unsure

1 month from the date your car is delivered, but they hold funds from 7 days before that.

Ok cheers buddy thanks for your help

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Sorry when you say hold funds 7 days before what if it is not in to hold? Do you think me ringing them and explaining as if they try take it in 4 week it will be 4 days short of my pay day

They will do a pre-auth so it will sit there as a pending transaction a week before. It means they will have time to get the payment so you never have trouble and get locked out for example.

You might get away with a one off, but I don’t think in the long term that they will be happy with repeated failed payment requests. Do you have a credit card you could use perhaps? If you pay off the credit card in full each month you’re not going to pay any interest on it and that would fix this problem.

I would try giving them a call. They might be able to change your payment date. Worst case I guess would be that they could move next months agreement date so it starts four days later and you won’t be able to access the car for those four days, but only will be able to help you, so just email them or give them a call.

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Yes so 3 weeks after your car is delivered they will perform a pre auth, so you will need the funds ready in 3 weeks, then on the exact day they will fully take the funds, whatever the delivery date is becomes your payment date every month but you always need the funds available a week before. If this poses a problem for you as it stands I would delay the delivery by an extra week, so that your funds availability is always good !!


Just rang them they are lovely customer service he said they will attempt pre payment 1 week before but will try a couple of.times but along as payment is done on the due date it will be fine thats made me happy now lol


Perfect, enjoy the new car :grin:

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Ohhh I will lol probably have it few months :sweat_smile:


They take the money from your account (as a pre auth) 1 week before it’s actually due.
So three weeks after delivery they’ll call to your bank for the money.
I bank with Monzo and the money disappears there and then.

Ok well i spoke to them this morning and I have advised them no money will be in there when they try to hold it but asking as its payed by the due date then its all good :slight_smile:

Oh that’s good to know! Mine comes out a week before I get paid.

Yh I told them that it won’t be in for them to take and he said its fine along as its paid on due date how long have you had your car? What car do you have? You enjoying it?

Yep, loving it.
Got an i3 had it since June. Just wondering if I should get the new Peugeot and save a few quid!

The peugeot looks amazing i might get one next year the yellow one looks lush

Hello im Scott been registered while now but i only just took the plunge and got my peugeot e 208 :grin: came today very nice car and quick lol had couple issues today but hopefully new day might not lol will be using this see how i get on and even better i got the key aswell :grin::grin:


That is absolutely stunning enjoy it mate

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