Payment Dates

Can you choose your payment date?
If not what date should I collect the vehicle to ensure I have a 15th payment date?
Does the mileage renew on the payment date or the 1st?

If you pick up your vehicle on the 15th, then your subscription renewal will be on the 15th of subsequent months as well.

It’s a calendar month, so in February you only get 28 days hire whereas other months you’ll get 31 days.

They “earmark” the fee about 7 days before your renewal date, but don’t actually take the money from your account. Must admit I don’t fully understand this. Maybe @Lily_at_Evezy or another subscriber could explain this.

Suffice to say ask to start your subscription on the day of the month that you want evezy to debit your account.

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Also because they are registered as a hire company, if you use Curve, when they earmark the funds 7 days before you don’t actually get charged by Curve until Evezy physically request the funds and not 7 days early !!

Also using Curve means Evezy only ever have 1 card payment registered but you can use any card you want every month without having to change card details with Evezy !!


From what I understand you can choose your subscription start date when offered a vehicle, so yes you can in essence choose your own date for payments.

The authorisation of funds a week in advance gives them a week to chase you if payment declines, ensuring you don’t lose the car if there is just a one-off issue, also as far as I am aware means that if you cannot pay in those 7 days it gives the chance for you to cancel subscription with the required 7 days notice and then evezy can make arrangements to collect.

Pure guesswork on those reasons but realistically make most business sense!


Hi @Pinky_Ponk! Your payment date will be the same every month, which is the day you collect the car. So if you collect the car on the 15th of the month, that will be your payment date every month. Please do keep in mind that we recently implemented a 7 day pre authorisation for the payment, so the funds do need to be available 7 days in advance. If you want the pre authorisation to happen on the 15th, I suggest collecting your vehicle 7 days later, on the 22nd.

The mileage will reset every month on the payment date!

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So the preauthorisation is to check that the money is in the account but you don’t actually take the payment? Do you pay a portion of it at that point?

The whole amount will be temporarily held when the pre-authorisation happens. You can usually see those in the pending payments (or similarly worded) section of your online banking. Most banks hold this charge for at least 7 days so once evezy pre-authorises the amount it will not be available to you anymore.


Ok thanks, I get it now

Is this still the case @KineticHaze ?

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Not sure I no longer use Curve had a disagreement with them and closed my account.

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Seems it might be! That’s awesome!

Just be aware although they don’t capture the payment, they do still ring fence it from your underlying bank account as a pending transaction for 7 days.

So exactly the same as it would normally?

Yes it confused me at first also but remember Curve normally always process all payments, they aren’t aware if it’s a genuine transaction or a pre auth, so normally would take the funds then have to refund you at a later date if the transaction was only a pre auth.

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Yeah, so in ONTO’s case, wouldn’t it be like this

ONTO requests “pre-auth” of 1 months rental 7 days before due

Curve says “Yeah, whatever, it’s only a deposit” and doesn’t take a further pre-auth from bank account/credit card

ONTO take the payment 7 days later

Curve says, oh, that wasn’t a deposit, then takes the payment out of your account straight away

Nope they take the funds instantly but keep it at pending with your bank etc rather than fully remove it from your account.

So no different to using the underlying debit or credit card?

No different at all which is the actual difference based on how Curve works normally.

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