Payment Date Changes

Anyone else think it is ludicrous that the only way you can change your payment date is to swap your car? I am perfectly happy with the car I have and would have to have them bring me another and take this one away just to change the date my payment is due. This isn’t even possible due to lack of availability! I needed a car on a certain date and expected I’d just be able to amend the billing date to tie in with my paydays once I got the vehicle… Sadly, that seems not to be the case!

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Maybe a policy has changed then because I’m certain I changed my payment date with the same car, but it was maybe over a year ago.

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They could technically ‘swap’ your booking onto your same car as you currently have I imagine. But it does say on the website that they don’t allow you to change payment dates so recommend you book your car for a convenient date to work around this. With that in mind I guess it would take a bit of persuasion to convince them to help you out.

Any chance you could use a credit card to act as a buffer for this, and then settle the credit card balance on pay day instead?

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I suspect as they’ve grown they’ve needed to streamline things and limit some stuff like this so resources can be focused on higher priority stuff.


Was July last year when I changed the date successfully

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I changed my payment date too. Even longer ago than @BillN and it’s the first I’ve heard that you can’t change the date anymore. I’ll bear that in mind for next time as I’m currently 1st of the month, which means my payment is pre-authorised near the end of the month when funds are a little tighter. Not ideal but workable.

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Ahh right, perhaps a recent change then. Credit card idea is a good shout. Will check one more time first and hopefully catch someone in a good mood :grin:

When they moved my payment day a while back, they basically charged me a single week’s rental, then moved the monthly payment date forward 7 days.

So, I may just take the plunge and do a swap as I’d be happy paying the fee now they have my preferred colour available. Could anyone help with a real world example of how this would affect my payments based on what happened to them please. My current renewal date is the 27th (money taken 20th) and I am aiming to take delivery of new car on 8th (so payment due date becomes the 1st). Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

So I think you’d be paying for 12 days so that’s around £180 you’d pay on 27th, then a full payment would be taken again on 8th next month. This is assuming you’re in an e208 GT. Sorry if I remembered your car incorrectly.

Edit - you’d also have to pay the £49.50 delivery fee on top of that.

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