Paying for Mileage Bolt Ons

I tried to clarify this via chat but I’m still left feeling there must be an alternative solution.

One of my additional drivers has driven my car this month which, due to the train strikes, has meant more mileage than usual.

Rather than him pay myself for the additional mileage used, or I add a mileage bolt on which will be added to my next monthly subscription I suggested he paid for the bolt on (which is his preference as he can pay via his business).

Apparently this is not possible … or at least it is a possible in a convoluted way involving waiting until the next subscription is paid, changing the default card the next day, adding the bolt on, paying for the bolt on and then changing the default card back to my own. At least that is how I understood it.

Surely, with my authorisation, it would be simpler for the additional driver to phone, add and pay for the mileage. can then manually adjust the mileage.

Could you not just invoice his business and have him pay you for it that way?

I’d prefer that they paid them direct rather than involve myself. It keeps accounting tidy.

Hi @JockRusky unfortunately this is how our Onto for Business process for bolt on’s works today. We have taken your feedback on put it on our ideas list going forward. Sorry we can’t provide you with this service at this time.

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