Paying for Charge!

Evening all, So I have had my Zoe for 2 weeks and dint get a polar card until today so I had to charge a few times over this last weekend as i was away…
Mostly rapid chargers and never for more then an hour, so i nearly pooped my pants when i checked my bank balance and none of the charger prices matched the pictures of what i actually thought I was paying… turns out they take a hold payment for each charge… Is this normal?

Thur 20th|Chargemaster| £2.19
Sun 23rd|Allego| £20.00
Sun 23rd|Ecotricity| £12.00
Sun 23rd|Chargemaster| £20.00
Mon 24th |Chargemaster| £8.28
Mon 24th |Chargemaster| £20.00
Tue 25th|BP Chargemaster| £20.00
Tue 25th|Chargemaster| £8.00
Tue 25th|Ecotricity| £12.00
TOTAL = £122.47

This happened to me when I had a loan i3 :see_no_evil: they take a holding fee each time and then it somehow goes back on your card a week or so later

I have absolutely no idea! In the last 18 months, I have never paid for electric, in addition to my ONTO Polar subscription.

Don’t know why ONTO couldn’t have just issued you with a temporary card number, and let you telephone BP Chargemaster. I know they don’t always answer the phone that quickly, but it would still have been easier than all this faffing around you have had to do, and will have to do to get a reimbursement.


It’s standard practice whenever you use a contactless credit card. Just like self service petrol pumps where they pre-auth £99 and correct it to the right amount up to a week later.

As someone who typically drives higher mileages, its why I prefer to have RFID cards for all the networks and then settle a monthly bill. The way that it works with contactless makes it impossible to keep track of my spending and my bank balance ends up wildly inaccurate.

For future reference Instavolt is the kindest to your bank card. They only hold £5.