Parking in London

Morning all,

I’m in Central London for the weekend (Bloomsbury area) and wondered if anyone had any top tips for parking? All I can seem to find is NCP and insert other big brands here at over £60 for 24 hours.

Anyone know of any cheaper, preferential rates for EVs anywhere or what my best option may be? Dare I even dream of the potential for a freebie? :smiley:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Presuming you’re talking about next weekend? Otherwise it’s a bit fait accompli :wink:

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I often use Google Street View and check out the street signs in the area I’m going to. May be free street parking on a Sunday at least. In paid parking bays in Westminster you get 4 hours for the minimum charge, which is just under £1.

Have you contacted your accommodation about parking. They may have negotiated cheaper rates with local car parks.


Depends really where you’re headed and whether you’re after something for the whole day/weekend or something shorter term.

The Royal National Theatre car park on the South bank SE1 9PX is £8 per day and about the best price for the location, but if the location isn’t convenient the utility is lessened.

I’ve had limited luck with Westminster street parking (it can get stressful depending on what you’re doing/who you have with you, particularly around Covent Garden there are loads of closed roads and parking suspensions due to outdoor seating).

The other night I needed to drop off / pick up something from our office and I wound up at Source London for the 40mins I needed; cost wise it’s pricey but after I’d driven round for a half hour trying to find any vacant on-street spot I went for convenience over £

Edit: just saw you mentioned Bloomsbury so the Nat Theatre probably isn’t ideal for you


Haha, actually this weekend but I’ve been at Heathrow until now, heading into Central London later today until around tea-time tomorrow :smiley:

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There are discounted street bay parking in Westminster, you pay for the first 10 mins and park for the maximum period (usually 2-4 hours). Approx 50p - £1 instead of £8-£10.

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A bit cheaper but the NCP Bloomsbury Square is £32.50 for 24hrs and Brunswick Square is £25.50 for 24hrs …

Have a look at downloading the Park Pass App by NCP, it cuts their parking costs for Brunswick Sqaure to £7.50 for 24hrs

My normal advice would be don’t drive in London :stuck_out_tongue:


I use the JustPark app quite often or park at one of the tube stations at the end of the line that often have decent car parks and avoid the faff of driving around town and then tube the last 30 mins.


I use YourParkingSpace app when I travel down. Sometimes it’s cheaper but means I always have a space sorted :+1:


I work in London and use your parking space it costs me £8 a day to park at national theater


Download AppyParking. I use it every weekend and can’t remember the last time I paid for parking in London and surrounding areas.

Unless you want to park somewhere very specfic you can park most places in london for free on weekends.

Here is an example attached below of right now in Bloomsbury.


AppyParking is great to see where you could POTENTIALLY park by finding street parking etc. BUT, you’re then relying on there actually being a place to park, because, you know, London!

To avoid faff and driving round to find a space, I just use JustPark and park on someones drive. Usually much, much cheaper than NCP etc and more convenient.

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EV parking near-free in Westminister.

I do this all the time.

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i commute to london and use an app called your parking space i pay about £8 a day parking





As @ohit1 or @Slimtrader10 ?

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Sorry for ambiguity :relaxed:

I use YourParkingSpace and get a space in a premier inn car park 5 mins walk from my office near London Bridge for £9/day.

Worth saying I only go into the office once a week, or else even this would become cost prohibitive for me.

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I often park at Westfield London which has very reasonable rates if you sign up for Smart Parking tariff. Up to 14 hours for £8.50 on weekdays. It’s only a short tube ride into central London from there. There’s also plenty of charging options in the car parks, but they can be temperamental.

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So for Westminster parking bays we just pay for 10 minutes and nothing else no need to register somewhere or so?

If we got a PCN though what do we do? Anyone with such an experience?

It obviously comes up as an EV on their devices and you just need to pay for the minimum time so that they know at what time you arrived. You then get up to 4 hours parking for the price of 10 minutes.

If you find a charger, such as in St James Square, you get 4 hours parking without having to pay anything. Unusual to find them available though, for that very reason.