Parking Fine Admin Fee

I will caveat this with I know this isn’t ONTOs fault, however I received two parking fines in September which ONTO had to send to me. Both of them after a bit of digging where incorrect, 1st one hotel put in car reg wrong, second camera didn’t see me leave.

Even though both were voided I still today had to pay £15 each fine to ONTO as admin fees. Quite frustrating that I’ve now lost £30 for nothing.

I would contact Onto and ask nicely if you can have the fees waived as you’ve not done anything wrong - but remember they don’t have to.

If they won’t, perhaps contact the hotel - if you plan to stay there again you could maybe explain the situation and ask for a £30 credit as a goodwill gesture.

Otherwise, unfortunately that’s their Terms and Conditions I’m afraid.

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I’m paranoid when inputting registration number at pubs and hotels. I always use the ONTO app to double check the number and never do it from memory.


I have a photo of my rear number plate set as a favourite on my phone just to double check.

I got stung by a lease company 20 years ago £100 parking fine and it was £25 admin then. I didn’t even get chance to dispute it. They paid and I had to pay the out of my wages £125 to the lease company as it was a company car. I changed jobs not long after.

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