Paint chip

Hey all, notices a very small paint chip on my e 208 today. Should I report it through the app?

Yes. Report it straight away and send in the photos they request. They’ll work out the best way to get it repaired at a convenient time and place, and at a reasonable price. Provided its not covered by the fair wear and tear policy of course.

Once the damage is repaired and paid you can raise a claim with your excess insurance policy if you happen to have it.

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I returned a Zoe recently with a stone chip reported it and not charged as it was within fair wear and tear

Well that’s the thing, I’m swapping it for the gt next week anyway :thinking::thinking: so wasn’t 100% sure whether to bother or not.

I haven’t had any first hand experience yet, but it seems that reporting through the app and being handled by Onto rather than the mob who do the final condition inspection seems to be a bit of an easier process / less haggling.

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I reported through app I also measured it whilst car in my possession to see if it was in fair wear so I had no surprises it was right on the limit I got a call and was told it was all ok always worth reporting any damage no matter how small