Overstay Charges - Osprey

Morning all,

I charged up this morning at an osprey point near to the gym I go to and only returned to the car approx 95 mins later, are the overstay charged automatically issued by osprey based on how long the car is connected?

Yes. The overstay charges are billed for how long you remain connected to the chargepoint for, now how long you are pulling power for.

The overstay charges will be added to the Shell Recharge account, and when Onto receive their invoice for this any fines or penalties will be passed on to you… Potentially with an admin fee on top - I know this is the case for things like PCN’s so it may be for charging ones too.

I thought Onto previously didn’t charge an Admin Fee for Parking Fines (etc)? Or has this changed?

Thanks Koda, looks like a ÂŁ5 or ÂŁ10 overstay charge is coming my way!

need to put the dumbells down (which actually means stop talking in the gym)

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Even since the Evezy days there has been an admin fee:

Do you have the Shell Recharge app on your phone with Onto’s card linked to it?
If so, you might be able to see ahead of time in your account history if they are going to apply any extra fees to that session.

No idea what I’d read/seen then. Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated!

I had a PCN in January whilst charging and I was never charged an admin fee.


how much do I charge Osprey for the half hour song and dance of getting charger to start…then leaving it max car stay of 90 mins , returning to find it sopped after 5 mins - TWO HOURS of my holiday wasted because of their incompetence - guy in next bay with new Aud had similar problems…ending up with plugs locked in after display says charge stopped - he re-started it, his wife returns and we mentioned the problem…and she pulls it out …whilst charging!! - These machines are a terrible joke…

Osprey is one of the better networks, so unfortunately it seems you have been unlucky.


eek! - ironically I found the Kettering Pulse worked fine