Overcharged for e208 gt

So today my payment was taken for my first month after delivery of new car. It states on contract that the price is £478.99 that includes an additional driver I have added during first month which is fine I then added 250 miles for an additional £20 so I’d expect 498.99 charge but was charged £525.22 can anyone try explain to me why live chat said they have raised this issue and my next payment is for £525.22 also I don’t get this should be £498.99

I don’t have any extra fees so I’m not sure if they break it down on the invoice. Have you had a look at your invoice or receipt in the “My Account” section to see if it’s all itemised?

Hi yes I have checked this and only extras I have added is the additional driver and my 250 miles which I added during first month my invoice is not showing yet as this was a pre authorised charge

Yes looks like this should definitely be just under £500 like you said.

I would call onto, selecting the option for new customers and let them know the mistake over the phone

Just off phone they are correct as they charged me from last month when I got car they confirmed my next monthly payment will be £498


Good news.

I’ve always found the team in my limited time here very good.


I can’t understand what’s going on here but I’ve been way overcharged since joining onto. Someone please tell me if I’m doing the maths wrong because onto are trying to take me for a mug and I’m not best pleased about it.

15th April start of subscription, e-208 GT Line
£449 per month (let’s ignore the referral code they’re playing dumb to as well for now)

  • 15th April - 14th July | 3 months (91 days) x £449 = £1,347 + delivery = £1,396.50.

  • From 14th July, I have the ID.3. Haven’t paid for this yet (I think)

Why on earth have I paid a total of £1,589.80 between 15th April - 14th July when I’ve had the same GT Line this whole time? They also fluffed a swap which got cancelled, so at least £49.50 of it is the swap fee. Of which £593.18 is pending on my amex on Friday which doesn’t even add up to any subscription…

I calculate an overcharge of £227.83 (£277.83 including the referral discount)

Think you need to call them and get it sorted over the phone


Yeah, rather than posting in here with claims of them “trying to take me for a mug”, I’d say the better thing to do would be to a) look through the detailed invoices on the account and then, if you’ve done that and still think there’s a discrepancy, call Onto to have them go through it and check for mistakes. Most likely, it’s either payments that you haven’t accounted for (eg 50% upfront booking reservation payment for the ID3), or, maybe, some mistakes.


They’re definitely taking people for mugs when it comes to the financials. I’ve spoken to them on about 4 occasions now and no one can explain the simple maths of being overcharged.

Apparently they have a manager looking into it, for the 3rd time now. I was also told I somehow underpaid which means I’m going to pay another £185 on top.

Definitely considering the charge back and cancelling onto all together route. I didn’t sign up for this.

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@GreekIronMan I can see you spoke to Edy and a case has been opened to look into this one for you and get to the bottom of where the issue lies. Did she provide you with the case ref no, if not I can email this to you and once we have investigated this we will come back to you, it should only take a day or so.

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I have no reference.

No reference still, any news on this?

Did u add any named drivers or additional miles as sometimes these get added on to nex payment for the month your on and next month if get me

Nope, not added any miles, drivers or anything else you can add.

They still never contacted me about this either… not the best service to be honest. Probably will cancel onto if I don’t hear by the end of the week and go through card to get money back.

It’s disappointing because I referred friends, luckily they haven’t signed up though so will tell them to avoid now.

One thing to check - just to be super sure (and apologies if you already checked this) is to check the receipts and invoices against actual charges to your card or bank.
I had a situation where I was only being charged once for things but it appeared multiple times on a statement of charges or receipt or invoice - I had only been charged the once but it appeared several times (especially the initial deposit and first month). It took me printing all the bank statements and all the on.to emails for the first 3 months and then in my case it worked out ok but I would say the paperwork from on.to could have been clearer as to what was a new charge and what had already been taken. After month 3 or settled down to a normal pattern in my case. To me the amount you are mentioning is around the amount of the 50% deposit which is one of the charges I was worried about, but in then end this was shown on my onto statements but wasn’t actually charged to me as it had been paid up front as the initial deposit. It just wasn’t very clear on the onto paperwork. Hopefully there is a simple explanation for yours and Good luck sorting it!


Hope it’s that simple but no idea still, not heard a peep for 3 days. I did all the calculations on excel and matched most of it to the invoices that are on my account but you’re right, some of them appear and take £0. But the over charge isn’t just from a single invoice, it’s just an overcharge that seems a bit random for just 4 months worth of car. :man_shrugging:

hope you get it sorted - let us know either way as its good to understand what’s going on!