Overage Charge Dispute/Billing

@Adam_at_Onto , would you mind looking into case CS_M00129148 for me? I received an email on the 5th of July after I changed from a Q4 to an E-Tron to say I’d gone over the mileage limit and to provide evidence if I have a dispute, otherwise payment will be taken within 7 days. Two hours later I sent evidence. 7 days later (12th July) I get a reply to my message to say that I’ll get a reply within 10 days and that I won’t be charged until the dispute is resolved. 10 days later, I get charged the overage amount stated in the email of the 5th anyway and still haven’t had a reply with an explanation.

Two things come to mind;

  1. Why aren’t Onto providing evidence of the car’s mileage usage in the first place? I don’t get a bill from other suppliers like energy, internet and mobile phones to say ‘we’ve come up with this bill with no supporting evidence however if you think it’s wrong, please provide evidence yourself.’ Surely the cost of a billing service is built-in to what I pay? I don’t want to have to take photos of odometers and screenshots of apps as part of a billable service just to cover my own back and I would have thought it would even be easier to check and report mileage when returning a car. It just feels very scammy the way Onto does it.

  2. What’s the point in saying you won’t charge while there’s an ongoing dispute when you charge it anyway?

I do hope this can all get resolved quickly!

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@Calvmeister Can fully understand your frustration, the reason we have the 7 day timing is to give our customer time to review and dispute if required. I will have our payments team review and come back to you but I’ll also take a look at our dispute process. Thanks for flagging.


Fantastic, many thanks Adam :slightly_smiling_face: